Deeply inside of each of us glows a piece of God. He cannot be found outside of ourself, like many religions say, nor above of ourself, like some gurus think. Our workgroup's goal is to awaken this consciousness and cultivate it.

The only place where we can change the world, is inside our own head... for it is thinking, the thinking of all of us, from which reality is being born...

Workgroup for Fundamental Spiritual Research and Mental Training

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Why Mental Training?

New in 2012: Clearbird's new technical milestone -

the GPM processing that LRH never finished:


Complete Your Bridge!                             

 The "Life Lesson Processing" Tree


New in 2010: Life Lesson Processing

New in 2010:  2010 - My Vision of the Future
New in 2009:  Clearbird Materials  --  Poetry  --  Session Testimonials  --  Book Reviews  -- Freezone Auditing see: 

Key Articles:  God  --  Reality  --  Existence  --  What To Ask Of A Religion  --  Object Oriented Programming Principles in the Mind  --  Group Consciousness Processing  --  Integrating Sexuality Into Our Lives (PDF File - contains some Scientology language)

New in 2007:  Short Life Analysis  --  Mental Training Outline  --  The Basic Rule in Mental Training  --  Meeting Ken Ogger - The Story of a Recovery 
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