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There is probably no other word on this planet which has been misunderstood so thoroughly - and in whose wake so many crimes against humanity have been committed.

Why that?

The reason is a confusion about the true nature of God - or better, a confusion about which one of two definitions to use in thinking, acting, and teaching.



  1. a material effigy that is worshipped as a god; "thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image"; "money was his god"

  2. any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force

  3. the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions

  4. a man of such superior qualities that he seems like a deity to other people; "he was a god among men"

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 The Supreme Being

What comes to mind first if we hear the word "God" is the concept of the Supreme Being - that would be definition 3, "the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe", minus the last part of the sentence, "the object of worship in monotheistic religions" - the confusion has even moved into the dictionaries!! (See Creator of Man farther down in this article.)

The Supreme Being is the ultimate parent. The word "parent" is not used in a biological sense here, but is taken from the language of computer programmers:

Parent (or "mother", "precedessor"): In a tree, a node which points to at least one daughter node ( - Computing Dictionary)

Example: In a tree of program objects (Object: a combination of program definitions and program code which can hand down its intelligence to a successor), we could imagine a parent object "life form" which has the children "plant" and "animal". The object "plant" would be a parent to "tree" and "flower", while the "animal" object would be a parent to "mammal", "fish" and "bird". Each of these objects functions both as a child and a parent - of course, the actual tree is much bigger than that -, but there is one root object which has no parent - the Supreme Being.

The Supreme Being is the parent to all of existence. It is found to an equal degree in all things that are, have been, will be or could be - in the lion as well as in the zebra he is just about to eat, in the king as well as in the slave, the high priest as well as the heretic. Some beings are neighbours on the tree of life, others are located on opposite branches - but the Supreme Being is the common root to all of them.

If we hear "God help us against our enemy", we know at once that another definition of "God" is being used than "Supreme Being", because the Supreme Being is the parent to our enemy as well as ourselves.

If the above is true and there is nothing outside God, then how can anybody use another definition, and how could this create a confusion which has led to the most rigid hatred and even to murder in the magnitude of genocide?

The answer to this burning question is: we have been misled to take a part for the whole, a twig for the tree, a finite being (or group of beings) for the infinite source of all life. Jehovah, Allah, Krishna and all their brothers and cousins cannot be root level entities because each of them excludes the others. Also, they all exclude a dark opponent, a "Devil" or "Satan" entity. There must be a level of parenthood where all of existence is included, the good as well as the bad, all our local deities as well as the exotic goddess of some watery planet in the galaxis next to the end of the universe.

This ultimate parent, who embraces the greatest distance in space as well as the greatest distance in quality - even opposites like spirit and matter, criminal and saint - is the Supreme Being. There is no name for it because any name would be an exclusion of everything outside that name, and the Supreme Being is all-inclusive. And of course it would never side with any one of its children to the extent of condemning or even killing the other - its loyalty is evenly distributed between all of them.


 What God wants us to do

We have been taught to be grateful to God and to obey him because he created us. In the name of this gratitude and this obedience, we have been ordered to torture, mutilate, burn at the stake and mass-destroy in "holy wars" - and we brushed aside our considerations and complied. A big part of the cruel reality we have to endure at this time on our planet, is directly derived from these "divine" orders. How can the Supreme Being, who is the parent to all the victims of these crimes as well as to ourselves, order anybody to do such things?

Somehow, there always seemed to be somebody who knew exactly what God wanted us to do. For ourselves we didn't have a clue, but there was no day where not a priest, a teacher, a mother, a father, a pope or a president told us "God wants you to... [fill in the blank]". Well, they didn't have a clue either what God wanted us to do - they just used God to give more weight to their own ideas and break any resistance. Last but not least because that was how they learned it from their own priests, teachers, mothers and fathers.

The plain truth is than nobody can tell us what the Supreme Being wants us to do, because only the individual himself knows that. We are one of the myriads of leaves of the Tree of Life in which God is expressing himself.


The blue and yellow lines show how each and every leaf of a tree has its own connection to the root - just like every individual soul, or spirit, has its own connection to God. Listening into this "root connection" tells us what God wants us to do.

We can never learn this from any other person - not a prophet, not a church, not even a pope. They are not more than yet another leaf on one of God's branches, just like ourselves. Any information that reaches us from them is travelling outside the root connection lines (see the red line in the photo). It might be valid information, it might come right from God - but it is addressed to them and not to ourselves!

There is only one way of communicating with God. It consists of finding, perceiving, cleaning, practicing and using our own personal root line into the Supreme Being. We also touch the Supreme Being when we lovingly connect with another person, but this can never be a substitute for having our own connection in an active condition.


The same program code "Express yourself" was given to each and every individual by the grand programmer, from the fly to the elephant, from the jelly fish to the whale. Then he could lean back and watch the fun! Actually, having a perception tentacle in each of them, it was not all fun. Certainly not - a whole universe of experiences started to unfold. Some individuals would fight, others would cooperate; some would succeed and others would succumb. Some would go corrupt and others would keep their integrity. Some would die for their beliefs and others would trick their way into safety. Some would suffer and others would make suffer. Wow! Doesn't it look like the holographic projection of a great big computer simulation?

Whether or not such an explanation makes sense, we are like the leaves of a tree that are programmed to grow - but each in its own space and under its own special circumstances. Each leaf gets its instructions directly from the root, never from any of the other leaves - this is how non-worship religions like Buddhism used to work, before they got overwhelmed by colorful but spiritually empty rituals. We need to find our connection to the root again. We need to listen to the divine voice in ourselves, or learn again to listen to it. A voice coming from outside is always human, never divine.


 Creator of Man

Now, let's look at definition 4 of "God" again: "A man of such superior qualities that he seems like a deity to other people".

The religious literature of all cultures without exception, their art and local legends, everything is full of hints at people - mortal beings of a human stature - who arrived in their midst in "flying chariots", or in more modern words, in aircraft, probably even spacecraft.

"The object of worship in monotheistic religions" is, according to their own sacred literature, everything else than "the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe" (definition 3 above), although the two concepts are mixed up into one by the dictionaries. Jehovah and his crew were mortal beings - extraterrestrial visitors - who had their very special relations with prehistoric Man!

Of course they were technologically so advanced that it was easy for them to perform enough "miracles" to scare man into total awe. A little blast from a laser gun which fries an enemy's army is great proof for a "God's" power. Knowledge about the upcoming solar eclipse or a meteorite shower helps too in impressing wide-eyed natives. But it is still a mortal being that has been worshipped ever since by the monotheistic religions (the Supreme Being cannot be worshipped, or we would have to bow all day to everybody and everything around us - it only can be understood and its omnipresence acknowledged by deep respect for all which exists).

The evidence for the ancient astronauts is everywhere, we just need to take the so-called "myths" literally. In the far east, the literature is rich with tales of "cities in the sky" (space stations) or "celestial battles" (rather unholy dogfights between hostile groups of ET's in pretty modern jetfighters). The small African Dogon people had intimate knowledge about the Sirius star system, complete with orbit times and mass proportions, long before our astronomers found out about it. Tales about prehistoric ship and air traffic are plenty. The alien visitors can be found in ancient "graffiti", their alphabet and calendar systems have moved around the globe, and many human beings have written about their impressions when they were allowed a trip on a space shuttle.

Deeply buried and well hidden, skulls and whole skeletons exist which don't belong into Earth's evolutionary tree. Some researchers have devoted their lives to the exact documentation of these things. Zecharia Sitchin has written a series of 6 books, his "Earth Chronicle Series", in which he translates and explains thousands of ancient Sumerian clay tablets, which contain detailed descriptions of the deeds of the "Gods" who at the time where in command of the human people. Another author who has travelled the whole world to find evidence for the "Astronaut God" theory is Erich von Däniken, whose respectless writing style is not to everybody's liking, but whose findings cannot be talked away.

Zecharia Sitchin - US and World
Zecharia Sitchin - UK and Europe
Erich v.Däniken - US and World
Erich v.Däniken - UK and Europe


 In God's image

Even our own Bible, heavily edited as it is, still contains many such paragraphs which survived the censoring. Together with the more detailed Sumerian sources, it tells the story of an extraterrestrial astronaut crew who got fed up with the tiring mining work they were supposed to do on Earth, and as they had a gifted genetic engineer and lots of time (they lived much longer than humans), they inserted some of their genes into egg cells taken from African "Homo" females, and after several failures created "Homo Sapiens Sapiens" in a petri dish, complete with the genetically engineered food plants and food animals that were needed to support their new slave crew as well as to enrich the menu of the lords.

Calling them the "creators of Man", even the "creators of life" was not a lie - plenty of useful products came out of their genetic laboratory, even if most of them had to be trashed because they were inter-species experiments like the legendary minotaur (man with a bull's head), who could not survive. There are many pictures of these unique creatures in ancient sources. By the way, how does it come that each time some doctor plays with genes in a petri dish, people accuse him of "playing God"?

The "Human Genome" research which has recently been completed shows that Man has a small percentage of genes which can be found nowhere in Man's predecessors. They are "God genes", and they are the explanation why the "Gods" in the Bible (a plural, not one God!) said they would create Man "in their image": they used their own genes to upgrade the dumb hairy ape into a semi-intelligent (and naked) slave who would understand a command and obey to orders. Imagine their extraterrestrial sperm bank!


 "Eternal life they did not give" (quote)

The Sumerian clay tablets also mention that the "Gods" made sure that Man was short-lived and not quasi-immortal like themselves (some did die in accidents or in battle). Science has found the "biological clock" which lets us age and die: every chromosome has end pieces, the "telomeres", which get shorter during every division cycle. When they are used up, a cell cannot divide anymore and the body begins to fall apart. This was the "God's" life insurance - nobody with such a short life span could ever learn enough to become really a danger (they didn't expect us to invent things like a university or the internet).

When their astronauts and maintenance crew started to interbreed with human women, it created a huge scandal (read about it in the Bible!), because they now had two huge problems: a "God"/human hybrid race which from their viewpoint was genetically inferior - they lived only a few hundred years -, but also more "God" genes in the human gene pool than they really wanted. The slaves soon became too smart to be kept under control. Also, they claimed birth rights, as they were partial "Gods", so simply wiping them out like a Frankenstein's monster was an ethical dilemma. In the end, they had to be set free and allowed control over the planet, as there was so much consciousness in them that they could no longer be considered a mere farming and mining animal.

For us, the problems just had begun to start. Not only was there a special (Jewish) genetic line whose individuals had instructions to keep the line pure by strict marriage rules, which they interpreted as a special status among other humans - there were also genetic groups with more "God genes" than others, formed by multiple interbreeding with "Gods". Unfortunately they had not only more of the "God's" intelligence genes but also more of their ruthlessness genes - the white race conquered the whole planet, first with its weapons and then with its technology, but there was still not enough intelligence in them to keep them from wading in blood ever since they first escaped from the laboratory.


 Only one God

Now we have the explanation why a supposedly omnipresent God, the principle of ultimate justice, would favour one group of humans, help it against others and make it "his chosen people". He was not an omnipresent and omniscient spiritual power at all - just a very technologically advanced individual who got the humans who were made for this purpose allocated as his personal servants and workers - every "God" got a few of them to do the dirty work for him.

Later, when the relations between two groups of "Gods" turned sour and they started the battles which finally culminated in a nuclear disaster, complete with radioactive fallout and all its well-known consequences (read about the "evil wind" in the Bible which destroyed ancient Sumer, or on the internet about the radioactive town remains they dug out in India), the humans were used as soldiers - cannon fodder as we say today. Of course the human "primitive workers" (the "God's" word for us) were expected to serve only one "God" - after all, the guys were at war with each other and couldn't afford treacherous soldiers who would desert their army and join the army of the enemy instead!

Here the confusion between the definitions of "God" becomes tragic: The obligation to believe in only one God (the one and only Supreme Being) also holds true for the genuinely spiritual person, who does not want to fall into the trap of taking a part for the whole, or choosing a smaller section of the truth instead of staying aware of "All-That-Is". A true believer would not only need a deep understanding but also a sharp and critical mind, if he wanted to be able to distinguish between valid principles representing the Supreme Being and the contemptuous "kill them all" commands coming from an angry astronaut who had just lost his privileges to his great-grandson.

The biblical "Gods" didn't want us to have a spiritual connection to the Supreme Being - they wanted us to be loyal servants and soldiers who wouldn't run away to their brother or uncle or son-in-law (whom they hated ever since he had seduced their own girlfriend), just because he promised them a better selection of toy weapons to fight between themselves. For this reason, and because the humans got a little too intelligent and tried to build their own spaceport (the "Tower of Babylon" story), the "Gods" decided to make sure that the humans would fight each other forever, so that they would never unite and rise up against them.

Not only did they give each group its own alphabet, language, calendar and country (the early centers of civilization in Egypt, India, China and the Americas), they also gave them contradicting religious symbols. They trusted in the dumbness of our obedience genes: A culture who worshipped cattle would never unite with another culture who ate them!

And so each culture got their "holy cow", or "impure pig" etc. etc., to guarantee eternal hostility between cultures. If humankind as a species does not develop a process that removes these deeply imprinted mental high-voltage fences - like envisioned in our reality revision program -, it will never have a chance to integrate into a homogenous population who uses its best abilities to solve its mutual survival problems instead of building generations upon generations of new horrendous weapons.


 Children of God

Does the idea that humans are "children of God" come from the simple fact that "God sperm" was used to create them and later played its part when the "Gods" married the "daughters of Man", or is it an euphemism for the obedient mindset of a zombie who fulfils any order no matter how destructive, embarrassingly similar to the image we have of a good soldier? The explanation that our "father" will care for everything we need doesn't really work - if we look at all the misery, disease and starvation we have in our "home".

Jesus Christ had a better concept about it. He envisioned his followers as the body and himself as the head of one unified family, which was of a spiritual and immortal nature and used the physical body as a temporary home which was cherished as the soul's "temple", but not worshipped like in today's materialistic world. He tried to convey the same idea which we tried to describe above in the section about the Supreme Being: that we are "born by spirit" (emerged from the Supreme Being) - but as documented by Laurence Gardner, these dangerous ideas were soon purged out of the teachings of the young Christian church.
Laurence Gardner - US and World
Laurence Gardner - UK and Europe

They would have turned Man into a proud, thoughtful and responsible being, warm and caring toward his brothers and immune to oppression - totally useless as a slave. The kings and emperors and other slaveholders, who so beautifully emulated the "Gods" after their departure from the radioactive mess they had created, didn't need that. The emphasis on Jesus' actual concepts disappeared from the Christian faith, which turned into a totalitarian cult revolving around Jesus' crucifixion story instead of developing into a group of spiritually aware beings eager to follow his example of "becoming like the father" (his spiritual parent, the Supreme Being).

Jesus tried to teach the all-inclusiveness of the Supreme Being ("Love your neighbour like yourself", "Love your enemy"). This mindset was already thoroughly gone at the time of the crusades, and things have not become very much better since then. Even if pope John Paul II took the unique step of apologizing for the past errors of his church, the greatness of this one person has not taken hold in most cardinals and bishops of lesser spirituality and power of vision. There might be other inspired individuals in it, but as a whole, the Christian church is still a cult and not a religion, as it does not bring people closer to their true spiritual nature.


 Divine inheritance

In a human sense, the children of a gifted father would not be simple-minded dummies, they would inherit his abilities. Even more so if computer terms are used: the "child objects" of a very powerful "parent object" would be just as powerful. They would inherit its properties and even expand on them. If our parent is the supreme being, who has an infinity of choices, we - the children, or the "tentacles of consciousness" which it extends from its unmanifested state into the universe of manifestation - cannot be lackeys who have to be told whether to eat a pig or a cow or become vegetarians. (Maybe the whole "holy cow" fuss really meant "don't eat beef because we haven't got a grip on that damn mad cow's disease yet"?)

Each of us would have his own infinity of choices - the proverbial free will -, and the interplay of our freedoms would lead to the actualities of existence. In such a world, there is no place for slaveholders, killer commanders, religious wars, nuclear holocausts and the smoke screen of cult rituals which only serve to distract us from the truly immense potential we inherited from our spiritual parent. The "sign of God" on the forehead of a person would be the awareness of his God-childhood, as well as the recognition of everybody else's God-childhood, expressed by his ultimate respect and unlimited tolerance, even where the other person's choices are directly opposed to his own. There is only one exception to this tolerance: where one of the branches on the tree of life tries to choke another to death, corrective actions must be taken.

Looking at the definition of God in a new unit of time, we have to make a choice whether we want to continue to be enlisted in some fascist, racist war criminal's army, who never hesitated to fry somebody with his laser gun for disobedience, before he departed from the planet he had devastated with his nuclear arsenal, and who never had any respect for us, much less any such feeling as love - or whether we want to be the proud and self-determined offspring of an omnipotent spiritual power whose loyalty is evenly devoted to all of life.

Once this decision is made, the procedures to remove the destructive programming of several millenia from our minds can be formulated. Then, and only then, will the reality on our planet change in a way that it becomes a place for real living.



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