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2010 - My Vision For The Future

New Year's Message by Heidrun Beer


Dear Friends,


instead of a standard New Year's greeting, I want to share with you a very special moment that I had two days ago during a talk with a friend. We know each other for a long time and sometimes meet for a chat on Skype, and as we were talking, this brilliant vision of the future unfolded in front of my non-physical eyes.

It was completely real and tangible, in full 3D and cinemascope colors. I wish I could make it into a YouTube movie!

It all started when this friend of mine said "What I treasure so much about you..." (searching for words, as his native language is not English), "... is that you never give up..." and the rest was non-verbal, because from our earlier talks we both knew what he was referring to.

He was talking about love, love in all its deepness and completeness, my version of love - not to a specific person: parents, kids, spouse, what-have-you - but my determination to be a loving person by principle and by my actions, regardless of who is the person at the receiving end. This, in my opinion, is what brings Heaven to Earth. It's not a question of whether we have a body or not, it's only our degree of lovingness that turns life into a paradise, with or without a body, on Earth or beyond.

A book I recently read, "The Five Languages of Love", mentions "Acts of Service" as one of these languages. While I do speak all five of them (the other four being "Words of Affirmation", "Quality Time", "Receiving Gifts" and "Physical Touch"), "Acts of Service" is my favourite, and there especially those acts which make things better than they have been before.

Where I can take away charge from a case by giving a session; where I can upgrade a room, or a garden, or a diet, or a person's health; where I can remove oppression, melt a taboo, open a door into new dimensions of erotic fulfillment, or provide insights and realizations with an article or book - there I feel called and will jump into action.

I may sometimes get discouraged by the amount of damage I am encountering, and I may be taken aback by non-understanding, and I may occasionally and temporarily collapse under too big a load of invalidation, but I will recover and make a fresh start, and I will indeed never give up.

The friend on the other end of the cyber-wire knew all this about me, and wanted to let me know that he appreciates it. And I replied: "Yes! I never give up. Because, you know, the more I am alive, the more GOD is alive, as I am one of his many particles. And if I allowed myself to deteriorate, to exactly that extent GOD would be deteriorating. This is why I am determind to keep myself alive and loving as much as possible."

I suddenly saw myself as a source of fire, a source of light, like a brightly illuminated village seen at night from far above in an aeroplane. And the very next thing I saw was my cyber-friend, who happened to sit in Italy with his webcam and headset, emerging from the dark as a second source of fire and light, who instinctively found its place on the world map.

And right afterwards another friend, located in Germany, who discusses with me life and death matters as well as this planet's unspeakable trivialities nearly daily, emerged from the dark as a third source of fire and light, who also found its position on the map relative to mine.

And then another friend, living in Denmark, who had the kindness to dissolve my 40 years of emotional pain with his auditing sessions, whom I tried to pay in many ways until I finally felt fit enough to return the same service of healing his past to him, became visible as a bright star.

Then the two American friends who share my interest in out-of-body training began to twinkle over there, and then the third who knows everything about the cycles of incarnation on Earth and in other systems, and a fourth who has read about every spiritual system and tried most of them, and then like a powerful beacon my fifth American friend appeared, who is a luminary in more or less everything, who is anchored right up there in the concepts of unconditional love and one-ness, but is also able to reach all the way down into the areas of physical labor, gardening, diet and health, and when it comes to sexuality, he will still not flinch and will again prove to be fully competent, fully present and fully alive.

My late husband started to radiate in all his unique brilliance, who lost his body three years ago but is still part of my life with his unforgettable lessons in never tiring service to others, humble enough to clean up my vomit when I was sick, but of a proud certainty in all matters spiritual, while having an encyclopedia's knowledge at his fingertips and the love of an angel.

I became aware of the newly found friends on the Ex-Scientologist's Message Board, of the old friends on the many mailing lists I am subscribed to, of the consciousness workers in other fields that have different labels but the same dream of turning this Earth into a spiritual realm, each of them their own galaxy of sparkle and light, and slowly and majestically I saw lines between all these islands of awareness becoming visible, glowing roads or bridges that connect each of us with all others.

From an invisible position in dark space, I was looking down onto a dark planet, a black globe surrounded by a beautiful network of fiery lights. For a moment I just admired it, full of awe. In the very next moment, this network turned into something that resembled a fishing net, and as if animated from the inside, it started to rise, to expand, away from the dark globe.

And between its glowing strings, it brought up a multitude of dark and grey looking beings who were finally lifted out of the mud in which they had spent the last eons of what can really be called only the shadow of the shadow of a life.

The vision turned so real that I could perceive drops and gushes and streams of muddy black water pearl down between the dark beings, back to the black globe that seemed to be covered by a black sea, and heard the splashing sounds of water hitting water.

The beings that were brought up were alive and moving, though tired, dim and weak, and I knew that this was the beginning of their recovery. And they were all firmly held by the fiery net of radiating and bright stars whose love enabled them to illuminate the deep dark night in which all this was happening.

We were fishing for people, just like it is predicted in the Bible (I am not a Christian, but still love that book)...

All this unfolded in only a few instants. And I said to my friend at the other end of the cyber-wire:

"It is true, I never give up. And should I do give up one day, then you or another one of my friends will help me to straighten up again. And if we all only find each other, and if we really connect, and if we start networking and keep networking, then, together, we can lift the rest of God out of the mud, and he, or she, or it, can come back to full glory, and the bad times can move to the past."



I am deeply grateful to you, my friends, for keeping our network alive.


I wish you all a most beautiful year 2010!


Much love,

Heidrun Beer


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