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This is a list of mental training tools that we are providing on a temporary basis until our collection is complete. Please return frequently, there will be new entries in short intervals!

With the materials given below you can actually work for several months, if not years. The single most important thing to do is to reserve a regular study and/or session time. Often this simple administrative detail makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful mental training.

The tools are listed in ascending order, or in other words, we recommend to study and use them in the sequence that is given on the list.

Please don't hesitate to send us mail if you have any questions. Good luck!


 Introductory Material

The Basic Rule in Mental Training

Recommendations and Hints for Successful Mental Training

Preparation Exercises for Mental Training  (Online-Manual - under construction )



Mental Training for Everybody (Online-Manual)

Basic Tools for Life Planning and the Spiritual Clean-Up of Past Difficulties   (Online-Manual)



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