False Priest:  Similar to the criminal politician, but the fact that the churches have lost the political impact they used to have a few hundred years ago, makes him less dangerous.

He is still a danger because he is sitting on the mainstream educational lines (schools, universities), where he can do a lot of harm to young people in search of their true (spiritual) nature. He is also responsible for the totalitarian handling and thought control of the christian priest, who is typically a loving personality whose trust is betrayed.

His contempt of matter and life in the physical universe is less distinct than in the spiritual "master". His real danger is that he continues the traditions of a false spirituality, which has traded the genuine spiritual connection with the supreme being for cult rituals, and which leads a person away from looking into himself for his roots in the spiritual parent (God) - see model of existence.

For a mental trainer there is not much to do. He might want to help others to come clean with their aggressions against the personality type of the false priest, as well as with other destructive personality types. Aggression is never a solution - only positive projections can change reality.