Spiritual "Master":  Has gained a great amount of personal awareness and often quite distinctive psychic abilities, but is typically far away from the balanced awareness horizon of a completely aware person. Most prominent spiritual traditions look down on matter, the physical body and life in the physical world as a lower form of existence, which shows that something fundamental is missing in their understanding.

With all his many insights, the spiritual "master" has not permeated the physical universe to a point where he has realized the basic brotherhood of matter and spirit. This would at once do away with all his feelings of "being better than", which place him on the far end of a branch rather than in a central position on the tree of life, and have led him into an existence which is very separated from, rather than integrated with others.

A direct result of this separatism is the fact that he also never bothered to learn the physical universe's languages - physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and finally medicine. He fails to realize that with all his spiritual mastery, he still needs to translate into the physical universe's language of forces and molecules if he wants to influence a life form, which is not pure spirit but has a physical component with its own highly specialized history and vocabulary.

If he tries to spiritually heal a physical illness, there is a great danger that urgent medical treatment gets neglected. If the spiritual "master" also suffers from an "osmotic imbalance" - he is teaching a lot but has quit reaching for learning experiences -, the chances to get him to move are small. If, however, a mental trainer can bring the idea of the basic brotherhood of matter and spirit across to him, he might correct any previous errors very quickly, because he is a master after all and can masterfully work with his mind.