Completely Aware Person:  Has an unlimited awareness horizon which covers the past as well as the future, all areas of life, and their roots in the ultimate potential of unexpressed spirit. This condition is possible if a person's life is well organized (life management patterns in place), if no cultural imprinting is barring certain subjects or parts of history by painfully enforced taboos, and if past trauma does not keep so much attention captured that the person needs to pull off the attention from most of the more remote life areas just to be able to manage present time.

The necessity to maintain a focus on his current life endeavours will cause the person to take away some of his attention from the past and from life areas which are not directly related to his present time activities. But in decision making, and when he is teaching others, he will be aware of everything and will suffer from neither barriers nor "blind spots" caused by past trauma or cultural imprinting. Also his attention will not be contracted into a narrow area of "here and now" by the chaotic circumstances of a badly organized life.