Criminal Politician:  Is on a personal power trip regarding his nation and political support groups, and a predator toward everything else. The next bigger life areas - other nations and nature - are either viewed as enemies, or are exploited (cheap imports from 3rd world countries) or abused (nature). His personality structure is pretty much that of a criminal, only shifted up a few dimensions in magnitude.

This personality type is such a danger to everybody that the law should be rewritten in a way that criminal politicians will be immediately spotted and suspended until their innocence is proven beyond any doubt.

His personal fears and irrationalities, which make average people weird but not dangerous, are multiplied by his position and command powers like by a monstrous magnifying glass. This also magnifies his projection of hostile energy into the environment - which is in his case not an innocent family or social group, but the international political arena. His decisions can never be anything else than wrong, because they are based on his distorted perception of enemies everywhere, and the fact that he will never look at his own mistakes, only at the mistakes of others.

Whether or not a mental trainer has any chance to get to the roots of his irrationality is not the point. The point is that the responsible public must take action to rid themselves from a representative who harms the reputation of the country for years, if not decades, wastes its money, destroys its ecology, and maybe even gets it involved into war.