Criminal:  The awareness horizon of the criminal is reduced to his own body and his immediate possessions, but because of a massive amount of past abuse, trauma and pain he has only a distorted perception of them.

His spiritual integrity means nothing to him. The immediate environment is perceived with negative expectations - symbolized by the red color -, it is partially seen as a vague army of faceless enemies, and partially as a hunting ground. If there is any pride left in such a person, then it is built on victimizing other people.

More remote life areas like the nation, humankind, nature or the cosmos are either entirely unreal or the target of mockery. The spiritual world is totally unreal. If there is any personality type who has really, really disconnected himself from his spiritual origin, then it is the criminal personality.

The mental trainer wastes his time with such a person. If he does not get crushed by a personal blow of fate which causes him to reconsider the course of his life, the criminal will just ridicule anybody trying to help him.