Christian Priest:  Is a very dedicated personality type, willing to sacrifice personal happiness for the good of the many. He has two important connections to groups: To his church who writes the rules of his life and defines the boundaries within he is allowed to think, and to his community where he used to do the same in the past, but now more and more has slipped into the role of a social worker, with little free attention for the other life areas which keep the awareness horizon of healthy people wide and flexible.

The typical christian priest is not aware of the degree to which his main orientation landmark, the Bible, has been gutted out in the first centuries after its writing. Much of the truly spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ has been lost. The priest's whole existence is dominated so much by the concrete-hard dogma of his church, that expecting him to do his own thinking - or to go on his own very personal spiritual quest - would be unrealistic.

He becomes dangerous for others too, because he points at a delusion of God which is supposedly mysterious, somewhere far out there beyond our reach, and requires the mediation by somebody else (a priest like himself) - while the plain truth is that each of us has his personal root in God like a grass blade is rooted in the soil. Our very existence proves that fact, because without this root, there would be no consciousness - any consciousness is a direct expression of the ultimate spiritual parent, who sprouts each and every individual unit of awareness.

Although the work of a mental trainer is probably wasted on a priest, who resolves his problems in his talks with his God and, where needed, in his confessionals - some book recommendations might be welcome to very few bolder ones. For instance, the books of Laurence Gardner, who has researched and documented the manipulations of Jesus Christ's teachings in the history of the christian church, or the books of Zecharia Sitchin, who has traced back Earth's various "Creation" myths to prehistoric visits of extraterrestrial astronauts - who created "Homo Sapiens" in a petri dish - and presents the evidence in his "Earth Chronicle Series". Erich von Däniken has also done important work on this line of research.

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