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Auditors TRs Course, version 2005 R.
(new design - Revised 2009 by adding "TR-0 Listen Style" to basic drills.)


Welcome to 'Clearbird'

We publish technology for personal advancement, increased ability and attainment of personal freedom. Our publications are mainly based on the technology developed by the late Mr. Ron Hubbard (1911 - 1986).

The current publication is about the Training Routines or TRs. The TRs are drills in one-on-one communication used in auditing.
This whole manual is also included in Clearbird's "The Road to Clear",  our main publication on auditing. The TRs are done with full drilling before Level Zero of "The Road to Clear". They form the backbone of skills a student auditor has to master.

The Training Routines are Specific drills in communication and smooth session control. They are Practical drills where students prefect their communication skills to the level needed as an auditor in session.  The TRs take up and drill the component parts of communication. Good TRs are a key to success -- not only in auditing but in life as well!

You have to know these drills cold and do them well and effortlessly as an auditor. The TRs are also extremely useful in social situations. It takes scores of hours of hard work - and a lot of fun - to get them right. 

Ron Hubbard estimated it should take a week full time, more or less, to get there. The course is however to result and there is not any set time limit on a correctly run course. In practice it can take from 7 days to several weeks full time, depending on background. 

Jonathan Bird,
Clearbird Publishing


What You Will Achieve on this Course:

From End Phenomena of TRs:

The TRs are drills. That means they are an objective activity aimed at giving the student certain skills. Drills are not about how the student feels about the subject, but about how well he can perform the actions.

So when we use 'End Phenomenon' below, it is in a different sense than it is used for processes. Here it is 'the level of competence needed for a pass.'

When being coach or student in the drills it is important to know what you are working towards. This section should clear that up and should be well known from the very beginning of drilling. Instruction and coaching are not based on opinion. They are based upon producing the Valuable Final Products and the End Phenomena of the drills.

A professional auditor who with communication handling alone can keep a pc interested in his own case and willing to talk to the auditor (definition of 'in-session').

A person with the presence in session and socially, of a professional auditor. This presence can be summed up as an individual who can handle anyone with communication alone and whose communication can stand up faultlessly to any session or social situation no matter how rough.

A being who can do the above flawlessly and knows he can do it from here on out.

Note on Pre-requisites
Students who have an extensive drug history may have a hard time in doing Auditors TRs.

Such students need the drug problem and the effects of drugs handled first. Ron Hubbard designed a sauna program or rundown called  The Cleansing Rundown. This is designed to get the effects of drugs out of the body. This is a prerequisite to a successful Auditors TRs course.

You do not do the TRs course while you receive auditing. The Auditors TRs Course is known to change and improve cases significantly. Although the goal are skills and not subjective gains, you do not want to mix or do several case changing actions at the same time. So the rule is, the full TRs Course should only be done when pc is not in the middle of an auditing action. It can be done before any auditing or after completion of a whole grade but not in the middle of an action.

We are sure you will enjoy it!


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Auditors TRs Course, version 2005 R. (new design - only minor changes to text).
(In the revised edition 2009 "TR-0, Listen Style" is added to drills)

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