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The Guided Tour to
Standard Technology

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Welcome to "The Guided Tour to Standard Technology"

The present web book is an in-depth introduction to auditing and standard technology. It is based on the web-book "The Road to Clear". It consists of less technical chapters from that publication. Added to that are a few chapters on study, which are taken from Clearbird's Study Manual.
We understand there is a need for a less technical introduction to the
subject of auditing and standard technology. We have made this guided tour for people just getting aware of the subject but willing to spend some quality time getting familiar with the principles and methods. It skips sections that mainly have interest to more in-depth studies and the details of how to do auditing. It is still a whole book, but less technical.

For somebody interested in receiving auditing on the Grades and then become a Solo Auditor it is an ideal Guide as it will ensure a much better understanding of what is going on in an auditing session with better results as the outcome.

It is a read that takes some commitment, because we do cover the theory of the mind and the spirit - and it is a fascinating and new journey for most readers.


Guided Tour - Content Table
q Introduction
to Guided Tour


"What is a Student?"
"Barriers to Study"
and Study"
"Conceptual Understanding"

Level Zero - Basics

"What is Auditing"
"Basic Definitions for Preclears"
"Preclear's Hat"
 "Communication and Auditing"
"ARC and Scales"
"ARC and
Training Routines"
"Axiom 28 - The Communication Formula"
"Preclear's Indicators"
"How the Meter Works"
"Auditor's Code"
"Auditor's Beingness"


"The Grades"
"Recall Processes"
"Communication Processes"
"The Grade Chart"

Level One - Help,

"Level One - Outline"
"Objectives Processes "
"Why Help Has
to be Cleared"
"Problems Processes"

Level Two - Relief

"Level Two - Outline"
"What is a Withhold?"
"What is a Missed Withhold?"
"Overts & Motivators"
"The Confessional Auditor's Beingness"

Level 3 - Upsets

"Level Three - Outline"
"Two Way Comm as a Process"
"What is an ARC Break?"
"Cause of ARC Breaks"
"Listing & Nulling"

Level Four - Ability,
Fixed Ideas

"Level Four - Outline"
"Service Computations"
"Living with Right
and Wrong"
"Fixated Purpose Rundown"

Level 4 Pro - Tools, Repairs

"Level Four Pro - Outline"
"Potential Trouble Source"
"PTS Tech -
Basic Definitions"
"The Anti-social Personality"
"PTS Phenomena"
"Out Interiorization"
"Dating and Locating"

Level 5

"Engram Clearing -
"The Time Track Illustrated"
"The Time Track and Engram Running"

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The Guided Tour to Standard Technology" is an in-depth introduction to auditing and standard technology. It is based on the web-book "The Road to Clear" (V.8, Jan. 2004). Disclaimer: Clearbird Publishing and The Road to Clear are not affiliated with Church of Scientology or the official Dianetics organizations. Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard, Standard Tech, Book One, E-meter, Happiness Rundown, Purification Rundown, etc. are trademarked words owned by L. Ron Hubbard's estate and heirs (RTC, CST) and are as a rule not used in this publication. The Road to Clear is an independent presentation of L. Ron Hubbard's Standard Tech of Scientology and Dianetics and does not violate any law within copyright or trademark as covered in length under 'About Clearbird'. Clearbird is independent of organizational and financial interests of Church of Scientology, the Sea Organization, etc. It is an independent textbook in the subjects of Scientology and Dianetics made available to the online community totally legally based upon Clearbird Publishing's copyrights.

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