Heidrun Beer: Poetry


A Bridge of Love


(c) 2010 by Heidrun Beer


a deeply knowing brother holds my hand
whose other hand is touching our root
(connecting through a man of light, who's
standing in between) - he leads me in
transcending human ways: how life
is to be seen.

my other hand again is holding you,
who still is based in healthy human views;
and on your other hand there is a girl,
struggling with human error, human pain...
and she again holds people who are out

of sight... each one of us is holding two.

I see a chain, where all of us receive
from higher up and give to those below,
a line of life, as long as we can keep
in touch and do not tire to feed the flow.

if only we don't let each other slip away
and our hands do never fail to firmly hold
this bridge of love: who knows, one day
we may prevail in reaching all the way

down into the abyss of hell, and lift our
sister souls back up to their abode above,
from which so long ago so terribly they fell.






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