Heidrun Beer: Poetry


My House


(c) 2010 by Heidrun Beer


my house, so lone all day,
comes silently alive at night
with souls who visit in their dreams.

they dwell where they have been before:
children at the beechwood dining table quarrel, eat,
clients, students chat on the pastel green office seat,
lovers in the fiery red bedroom radiate their heat

just you, whom I have never met in
daytime's light, you have no place.

you enter through a door that none of
all these souls can even see, so high
above their listening sounds its invite.

the world goes quiet as you sit with me,
side by side, arms warmly touching, in the
darkest corner on the floor.

while they rehearse next morning's human play
on their respective stage, we leave behind our eyes
and see new structure into the universe's space,
design unprecedented ways of life with words we
never need to say, so unaccustomed that new
senses have to grow, whole species have to rewire

elicit sanity from chaos with our unified desire.
and our little guests? we let them crawl on earth,
while we roam untold skies!






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