Heidrun Beer: Poetry


My Land


(c) 2010 by Heidrun Beer


my land! regardless of the face you show, beautiful

you are.


gentle you look under fog, proud

in the sunshine, strong you go in the thunder,

in snow you celebrate a festivity.

you don't know the hell of heat. rain

does not knock you down: it just stills

the thirst of all the things growing. storm

does not destroy - it turns you into a

bold eventful painting.

hail does not devastate. it puts to the test.


you, my land, do not suffer. never yet

did you silently endure. you do not know

secret grievance. in your face

all the features' diversity

is gloriously in place. none

is wrong, and none is too intense.

none brings weariness. none brings death. all

in you is jubilant life.


and regardless of the face you show:

beautiful you are, my land.







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