Heidrun Beer: Poetry




(c) 2018 by Heidrun Beer

a star that's born on earth wakes up in hardship,
likely to be bitter, not understanding
why he is inheriting so difficult a life.

the width of space, the purity of emptiness,
the dearly shining neighbours that are his brothers'
birthright - he finds himself without. oh, the
loneliness in all the crowds surrounding him!
oh, the wrongness torturing his senses!

needing to find his rightful place, he has to climb his way
through mud and rocks, and cut a path through thickets,
and stay clear of evil creatures

but as his nature will inevitably make him soar, he finally
will pierce through fog and clouds and find himself

floating in stillness

the one and only of his kind

shining through the dark

showing the way to those who search -

and only now he understands the blessing of a birth
on earth - a blessing that none of his lofty brothers feels -
a wondrous role to play, "bringer of light" -

fulfillment like no other.





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