Heidrun Beer: Poetry


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(c) 2014 by Heidrun Beer


on wings of love you crossed the skies to get to me,
oh so impatiently the towns, the continents, the sea -
but, my sweet treasure: all horizontal travels,
don't you see?

eagerly done to bring you near, all our hopes
were coming true - and yet it was illusion only,
dream, or even lie - short-lived like everything else
that happens on the mortal plane.

there you now search for me in vain, I so feel
your despair... but, my treasure: did you ever
raise your eye to the realms above?
what you hold dear can never die up there.

imagine! never again we'll lose each other's face,
so cherished, never again each other's smile, each other's
touch, kiss and embrace.

I went ahead. will follow you my silent lead?
it can be done. you have the tools, you have
the knowledge, the desire: a tiny bit more courage,

that is all you need.

with courage and with trust cross one more chasm
and find yourself with me! up there, forever burns
our fire. to where no death exists, walk one more
wondrous bridge, and see: eternal is our love.








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