Heidrun Beer: Poetry


With You My Time


(c) 2013 by Heidrun Beer


with you my time, so rare, so rare - it feels like
treasures, awesome, overwhelming, grimly wrestled
from a cold-hearted destiny in lucky moments.

my heart is overflowing with these gems - filled
to the rim I am with diamonds and rubies - pearls -
with hands and hands of golden coins, sparkling, shining -

I would be the richest person if I could only hold them,
if they were not, like water, running through my clammy
fingers, from impatiently awaited futures through the
brief but oh so precious now, into the dark and distant past.

and yet, how rich I truly am! since from you
flow always forth new wonders: your loving words,
your tender touch, your fiery kiss, your dear embrace -
and as if by magic done by heaven, overruling destiny
with boundless grace, they keep flowing right to me.







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