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Your Rose - From Beyond


(c) 2013 by Heidrun Beer (text and photo art)

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Your Rose - From Beyond

the rose you planted with so high a hope
for future bloom: it did not die! an angel
saved it, just an instant before the
avalanche befell your garden.

with magic hands he healed its broken stalk;
un-crushed its petals which today (though
trembling still) are whole again, shimmering in
celestial light; he sank its root
in God's eternal soil -

where it agelessly thrives, needing no rain
nor sunshine, just like men and women need
no water anymore nor food, once they arrive
in this domain, having shed their mortal sheath.

it lives and blooms, forever nourished by the streams
of light it once received from your adoring hands,
light just as eternal as your rose's newfound haven:
ceaseless is its shine, regardless of the nights,
regardless of the seasons.

no winter can defeat your tender flower anymore, and
it is safe from being scrunched by brutal boots, for
only loving eyes can find the way to its concealment:
if they have learned to look not upwards to the sky,
home of the stars; nor outwards to the world, home of
all nature, plant and animal and man - but inwards,
where God is ever-present: home of the immortal
and divine.

look inwards, and you find your rose alive and
growing on, greeting you with the sweetest scents;
radiating blissful warmth and blinding brightness -
a harvest in abundance, all stemming from your own
most precious, blessed, inspired seed.




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