Heidrun Beer: Poetry


Your World


(c) 2013 by Heidrun Beer


slowly, curiously I approach your world: like a cathedral,
dusky, cool, so wide, so quiet, high... I turn my back
to heat and noise and jostling of a scorching overcrowded
square, and enter it.

oh, the stillness! I have to hold my breath to not
disturb it. treasures overwhelm my wondering eyes.
statues, paintings, gold and jewels. such beauty!
the memory of organ music, storming through the
praying hearts. another one of boys' angelic choir.
light seeps through hidden windows, far above,
a shimmering reminder
of the beyond...

I slowly walk the aisle and hear my steps reflected
slightly by the dome. the thought to try my voice crosses
my mind. I shyly say a word and wait: oh yes! shyly it is
sounding back to me. I say another word, more boldly now,
and then a cheerful one, and one in awe:

your world will always answer. Invariably it is so in tune
with me, so near, so dear, that I don't know: can it really be
my lover's rich and lofty universe that opened up to welcome me -
or did I, for the first time ever, find my own true home?





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