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 Ken Ogger: Christmas Message 2004

2004 by Ken Ogger

This message was sent by Ken Ogger to some of his friends at Christmas 2004. It shows how he starts to look beyond Scientology and see the bigger picture of spiritual existence. He further develops his vision of it here:

Ken Ogger - Principles of Existance

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Hi everybody,

It's been quite a while and I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying life.

I've been much better during this last year.

Gradually I'm seeing better and better what went wrong.

I was so thirsty to find a path to real OT that when I was slightly off track, something in my subconscious reached out and gave me a sharp wack. Or to put it another way, that cliff's edge I walked over in 1999 has forced me to wake up and rethink some things.

Of course our real goal is OT. But lets get rid of the Hubbardian term which just makes for misunderstoods and face up to the real truth. Our goal is to become Godlike.

And that is and has always been the real goal of Metaphysics and spiritual practices.

It goes back to the Greek God Hermes who is the only one of the Greek Gods who began as a man and made himself into a God by intense study and learning and doing what we now refer to as processing.

Most religions are Agnostic. They don't think that we can figure it out or understand God. He is beyond our comprehension. He is different from us and out of reach. We are at total effect.

Gnostic practices, however, believe that we are fragments of God and can figure it out and find our way back to a Godlike state. Scientology is obviously a Gnostic rather than an Agnostic religion.

But the old Hermetic practices tended to end up with someone sitting in a cave trying to attain a Godlike state by self denial and not-isness. Hence, the term Hermit.

And it doesn't work.

And I've tried that route. And it comes close but it fails.

And in my arrogance, I thought that we just needed better processes. And we sure do have better tech and better processes than anybody.

But we missed a trick. Something that Christ found. And I do think that he was working miracles. So he must have known something.

He said that God is love.

And of course God is all there is (the universal singularity, the oneness that is static and all encompassing) so you could say that God is love and is hate and is anything else and be accurate.

But the one that helps is love because it leads in the direction of the Godlike state because God is one and love is close to oneness without actually losing identity.

Note that there is no intention for us to merge back together. That has no benefit. Instead, we come close and become co-creators and add to the richness of creation.

The road out requires love and expanding back into the world rather than isolation.

Let me tell you about a classical composer who was also a metaphysical guru who I studied with last lifetime. His name was Alexander Scriabin. He believed that "Thou art God" just like Robert Heinline ("Stranger in a Strange Land") and Emerson (essay on "The Oversoul").

He struggled with the problem that if he is God and you are God and I am God and God is all powerful because God is all there is, then how does that work.

If we each just become God in isolation, we will kill each other, or at least try and end up back here at the bottom of hell where nothing responds to our thoughts anymore.

Scriabin saw love and sex as the way to circumvent this. We become Gods together rather than in isolation.

He wrote a famous piece called "The Divine Poem". It is his third Symphony. There are lots of recordings. You can order one at or other similar websites.

The story behind the symphony is that man has forgotten that he is God and struggles endlessly trying to find his way back to a Godlike state and fails. Eventually he gives up and decides to lose himself in sensation. But in his lovers, he finds that they are God also and so finds his own way back to the Godlike state.

I've been living that story.

Metaphysics fails because it doesn't have an adequate tech. That's what got me into Scientology even though I grew up with tons of Metaphysics.

But Scientology fails because it has lost God and love and tries to make a Nazi-like superman instead of a Christ-like one.

You need both.

Christianity leaves a bad taste in everybody's mouth because it denies sex and the fear of sex is what blocks universal love. So its a hypocritical religion from the word go. And it has been one of the biggest causes of war and hatred and persecution as a result.

But that is only the rewritten Christianity, full of poison.

Christ himself liked to make wine for parties and protect prostitutes and got pissed off at people making money from religion.

So I'm really happy to celebrate his birthday, even if they did get the day wrong.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Joyful Hubbardmas

Much Love,

aka The Pilot


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