Group Consciousness Processing

Article by Heidrun Beer (08-10/1999)

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-  Background Theory  -

Balance  --  Rhythm   --  Synchronization


Where an individual has maintained (or restored) the awareness of their spiritual nature, qualities and capabilities sufficiently to be no longer be captured or trapped in serving their physical communication device (the body), we will find that they are to a very high degree involved in a multitude of creations. This appears to be the true common denominator of the spirit's possible motivations - more basic than winning games, which in turn would be more basic than "Survive!".

But if we risk a second glance, and have another look at the nature of spirit - which is an unlimited potential of creation rather than the actual creating energy -, we find that there is an even more basic condition of existence for a spiritual being, which has to be there before they can go about becoming creative in the manifestation of a vision. This is the condition of an equilibrium or balance.

The ultimate balance - the balance for the spirit per se, or the "supreme being" - would be the balance between potential and manifestation, non-existence and existence, or nothing and something. Viewed over astronomical time-spans but all seen at the same moment of the divine eternal "now", this is probably what happens with the universe or universes. They are created and un-created in a steady sequence, like the supreme being's gigantic heartbeat.

For any individual smaller than the whole - the "supreme being" -, balance can probably not happen that way, as spiritual individuals are interlinked and connected with each other, and the "nothing/something" balance can only be reached if all of them follow the divine "heartbeat" in unison. As soon as only one of them would link itself out of the network, The Spirit as a whole starts to get out of coordination - or better, synchronization -, and will have to re-synchronize its component parts before it can again approach the ultimate balance.



Although it is not very likely that the individual spiritual being will ever experience total balance, the all-comprising ideal divine balance is mirrored or projected everywhere into the individual's existence. It might look like a contradiction though that it is not perceived as an actual equilibrium, but rather as a beautifully coordinated and optimized rhythm. Only if we take the apparency of time out of the picture, will both sides of the rhythm merge into an equilibrium.

Rhythm appears to be the basic pattern of nature as well as spirit. In nature we have the rhythm of day and night, summer and winter, breathing in and breathing out, sleep and wake, birth and death. In the spirit, we have a rhythm of activity and rest, cause and effect, inflow and outflow, past and future, creation and destruction; but more: we have a rhythm where our attention sweeps between "myself" and a multitude of "you's", following Jesus Christs's basic law "Love thy neighbour like thyself".

And of course we also have the most fundamental rhythm of all, which consists of the physical and the spiritual. These two sides of existence need equal attention for a creation to be of real perfection. If we look at the artworks which most impress us, we find that they always are built in an ideal balance between the spiritual (the concept or message they are transporting), and the physical form which is used to express this message, be it a form that is perceived through the eyes (writings, paintings, architecture), through the ears (music), through the tactile channel (sculptures, dancing and erotic art), or through a combination of these art forms as used on stage performances.

Many very spiritual people have placed a thorough contempt and condemnation on the physical aspects of life. But the idea that "the body is not spiritual" or "a material life is opposed to a spiritual life" is a deception. What is matter if not a product of the spirit, invented to have something to create with - a kind of divine plasticine or clay, a chest of colorful building stones for the Gods?

Some of the most miserable and unhappy beings are the overly spiritual people, who abuse and terrorize their body, totally neglect the physical aspects of life, and then are surprised that their existence gets out of balance and the material universe takes revenge by presenting them with poverty, disease and physical disabilities. They are in denial of the spiritual origin of matter, and of the important role which the material universe plays in the balance of the divine creation which is spanning the whole distance between pure thought and massive matter.

On the physical plane, a straight path is observed whenever the rhythm of movements in the left leg and the right leg is perfectly aligned. This person's walking is balanced.   The life of a person who has found the right ratio between activity and rest is balanced. A personality who can successfully weigh the amount of care devoted to herself and others is balanced.

Extrapolated into the model of an ideal world, the rhythm that causes a person to share their attention between themselves and others, would encompass all life. Countless individual spirits would expand their spiritual space so as to include every other bit and piece of life, be it of their own kind or of any other kind. A common field of care and responsibility would arise that is firmly rooted in so many independent sources, but at the same time tightly interlinked into a stable and reliable network.

To our surprise we are suddenly facing the idea of the Holographic Universe here, which has been postulated by the latest generation physicists.

A hologram is a unique construct inasfar it consists of many individual dots, but each of them contains the information about the whole picture. If an ideal balance of consciousness could be established between spiritual beings, a balance where each spirit would not only continuously create himself, but as well continuously co-create each of the other spirits, a holographic model of a global - or even universal - consciousness would have been implemented. On the road to this ideal and absolute state of awareness, we might go through various stages of connectedness of growing complexity - a kind of spiritual evolution where we exercise our abilities to synchronize to a higher and higher degree.



In order to make sure that such a universal consciousness would allow for any possible impulse, for any possible model, direction and speed of evolution, even if they are totally contrary to each other, an abundance of space would have to be created so that each model could be developed without interfering with the others, and synchronization would play an essential role in coordinating the individuals into a whole. A tree whose branches grow into all directions in space would be a good example: none of its leaves, flowers and fruits will compete with each other for space or sunlight - they all can develop in their unique individuality.

If these simple principles are kept in mind, everything could flourish and prosper. The same universal image or hologram could contain black and white, sweet and bitter, roaring sound and whispering silence. The component parts just need to be grouped and sorted in a way that things that belong together are kept together, and things that should be apart are actually kept apart. This way, a pattern can be created which would not contain any real violent breaks (or incompatibilities), although some tension and friction might help to keep the whole thing interesting.

This happens on a photo with the individual dots. If the red dots and the green dots and the black dots are given enough space and are grouped in the right way, a red flower with green leaves in a black vase appears. If the same dots are wildly mixed without considering their cohesive interrelations, we just have chaos which will stay chaos forever.

Another simple example would be music. A rock band and a symphony orchestra would never do well in close vicinity; there must be enough space to separate them from each other, so that each can develop their unique musical character. But we must also make sure that we do not by accident keep a rock guitarist in the symphony orchestra or a classic flutist in the rock band. They would never be able to resonate and to synchronize.

Even the candidates for rock bands of different orientation would have to be carefully selected out and guided together, and as well the symphony orchestras of different abilities and preferences would have to be carefully combined from individual musicians who "gravitate" to each other because of their affinities and similarities.

The affinity or "gravity" which attracts "multi-cell" spiritual beings to a certain group consciousness compound more than to any others (it could be possible though to participate in more than one!) is the main mortar which keeps the "cells" of these spiritual life-forms together.

While "single-cell" individuals can stay in a team or hierarchy out of rational considerations or plain physical necessities, the same is not true for "multi-cell" individuals. These forms of consciousness act upon the resonance and harmony of spiritual frequencies to a very high degree. The fact that they cannot swing in their natural personal frequencies when they live or work together with certain other individuals is the main indicator that they have not yet found their spiritual "home".

-  Mirror Images: Physical and Spiritual Evolution  -

Mirrored Evolution  --  Spiritual Life-Forms  --  Spiritual Life Form Characteristics 


Mirrored Evolution

Most processing which we are familiar with today is aimed at the individual, the optimization of its existence, the fulfilment of its dreams and enhancement of its life quality. Of course private and business relationships are part of the programs that are worked out, but the individual as a single and independent creative unit is still in the focus of the interest. But there is a whole additional area of case and processing to look at: the area of the group consciousness dimension of the individual, which some spiritual beings have and others either don't have - or at least don't have access to.

If we assume that the "supreme being" exists in perfect balance between the physical and the spiritual, the physical kingdom - as observed in the genetic evolution of nature - would be mirrored in the spiritual kingdom. We would have to expect a whole universe full of different spiritual life-forms - not only the one form of spirit on which we are concentrating today, the individual spiritual being.

We know that if a person's processing is well designed and the processor is well trained, he will take care of the sub-units of the individual too - their valences or identities as well as their split-beings or entities who seem to act like independent spiritual beings, sometimes in agreement with the main individual, but often also in opposition to them. These entities, which often act in groups or so-called "clusters", are a well known phenomenon in the processing scene.

A start has already been made by inspecting and processing the single and clustered split-entities of the "composite case". Now we have to look into the opposite direction - not from the individual inward, but from the individual outward, and find what other groupings exist, how they define themselves, how their spiritual necessities can be met in their physical circumstances, and most important: how their spiritual nature and needs can be assisted by a type and style of processing that duplicates exactly what they are.


Spiritual Life-Forms

The concept of different spiritual life-forms is best described with the close physical analogy from which it was logically derived. The spiritual life-form which we are most familiar with would be that of a single-celled organism, as represented by bacteria or germs on the physical plane. As human beings we have a highly organized physical organism which is composed from countless individual cells, but spiritually we act as an "only one", who teams up with others for procreation and business purposes, but has no concept of an identity "bigger than me".

As we well know from our study of nature, the single-celled life-form is only one possible concept. There is a multitude of possibilities how to live as a compound of cells who share a single identity or "me". Even a microscopic worm consists already of many thousands of cells, and in plants, bigger animals or in the human body the number of cells goes into the billions and to an almost unthinkable degree of complexity.

If we try to imagine a highly organized multi-celled spiritual individual, we feel helpless in a pretty similar way like a little bacterium must feel who would try to imagine that it is an integrated part of a human body; let's say a liver-, eye- or muscle cell. Our mind and brain lacks the equipment to enter into such a huge structure and synchronize with it. Also we don't have any experiences or memories which would help us to get oriented inside the big organism.

Most probably the organism would recognize very fast that we are not developed enough to orient ourselves in its functions, and would try to get rid of us like it gets rid of any other unwelcome intruder. But let's assume for a moment that we would be tolerated. What next?  

Questions keep rushing in. How do we connect? How will we know what function to perform, and what to do when? Who will feed us? What about our free will and our self-determinism? If we are integrated in a compound of billions of other spiritual beings, we will no longer be able to do what we want when we want it. And who will decide what "I" (or "we") are doing anyway? Based on what circumstances?

It doesn't seem to be a very promising concept to enter a huge group consciousness compound that is already in existence. We would just drown in their overwhelming presence. But maybe it is possible to build one, like two individual human cells build a new infant body? It seems more likely that we will find a vacant function in a still uncomplete compound than to get accepted by an "adult". Maybe we could even be the first "parent cells" who start a new spiritual life-form. This would allow us to study in all detail what happens in such a compound.

Up to this date, we can only guess about these things. We can assume that a structure would have to develop like we have it in the human body. Some cells would only perceive. Others would only move things. Others would only ingest and others would only remove trash from the system. Some would have to do the thinking and to make the decisions. Would they dominate all the others or serve them?

And how would the cells who only perceive get fed? How would we establish a sense of exchange between all the different specialized cells? We would need a kind of ethics system. If the ingesting cells don't do their work, the perception cells would get hungry, and so would the moving (muscle) cells and the thinking cells. How would we motivate the ingesting cells to ingest more, so that not only they themselves get their hunger satiated but also the other cells of the "body", who are not directly involved in ingesting?

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe even thousands of specific problems which would have to be resolved if we want to arrive at a functioning multi-cell spiritual life-form. No wonder that nature needed so many millions of years in order to arrive at the current point in evolution.

And the individual would be just lost in the gigantic hugeness of the whole. How in the world would we sell the multi-cell or compound model to all those cells who enjoy their individuality now? And yet we look at our physical body, and we just know instinctively that it is a higher stage of evolution than a shapeless ugly splat of germs which maybe can make for some nice yeast-bread or beer, but in a million years could not build a space-shuttle or compose the "Song of Joy".

If there is actually a concept of group-consciousness waiting for us in the future, we know one thing, and this is that today we can only guess how it will work and what type of physical equipment (new brain functions?) we will need in order to implement it in real life.

Although we know one more thing too, which is that it is working already in some life-forms of nature. Ants and bees seem to have it in place. Their social systems are based on the shared perceptions of a "bigger me". We watch with facination how the democratic system of decision-finding works in a beehive. They plead for a certain source of food or water like in a parliament. It is also fascinating to watch how they deal with authority and leadership. They totally depend on the substances produced by their queen; but at the other hand they decide as a whole population if and when this queen is going to be replaced, or if and when the hive is going to "procreate" (multiply) by swarming.

If nature has already implemented some models of a (physical) group mind, maybe the same evolutionary step is possible on the spiritual plane, and our path is leading towards the spiritual equivalent of a group mind - a group awareness?


Spiritual Life-Form Characteristics

Although the multi-celled group consciousness system of the bees is already very complex, it is still a simple system, as it is only aimed at plain existence and physical survival. A multi-celled spiritual life-form we would expect to aim for a much higher developed and more spiritually oriented creation. The smallest possible example we sometimes see in a couple of lovers, who conceive of themselves plus the partner as a unity, defend each other passionately like they would defend themselves, look with each other's eyes and think with each other's mind.

In a similar way we see a mother conceive of herself plus the children as a unity. In very rare cases the perception of unity embraces a whole family, but that's about it. Bigger unities - like a whole country or continent perceiving, feeling, thinking and acting as a unity - are not a reality yet, and should spiritual evolution ever mirror physical evolution to such an extent that it comes to a global or even universal unity, then this scenario would be thousands, maybe millions of years in the future.

Unless, of course, we want to assume that the human body is already the result of such a process and that our apparent single unit of consciousness represents a multi-billion compound of cellular consciousnesses. My guess goes into the direction that this is not the current state of affairs, and that the cellular level of existence does not (yet) have a spiritual dimension - beyond the fact that of course all matter, whether animated or not, is basically of spiritual origin.

Therefore we cannot really define today how a processing model for an individual who is part of a group consciousness would have to look like. But we can define a few basic principles which hopefully will allow us to build on them:

The war-like situation mentioned above would result nearly naturally from the very opposite character of "single-cell" and "multi-cell" life forms. ("Wars" between competing group consciousness compounds are a different thing; one possibility to resolve them would be an abundance of space where each of them can exist in the amount of space it naturally allocates, plus some reserve - if the competition or war is not their primary game to play.)

On the physical plane, human beings experience single-celled organisms (germs) mostly as parasitic (very few as symbiotic) life-forms, some of whom produce substances that are dangerous for the human body and will make it sick, if not even kill it. Malaria or tuberculosis are only two of thousands of diseases that are caused by germs, who invade a multi-celled organism - the "host" - like a gigantic food store that they try to eat up from inside, learning too late that this will kill the host and the invaders with him, as they can no longer escape the food store on the natural way with the breath, sweat or excrements, and the decay process will change their environment parameters (temperature, oxygen etc.) in a way that they can no longer survive.

At the other hand a multi-celled life form depends on smaller life-forms as food, so it will always be a threat to a single-celled life form.

On the spiritual plane, a "single-cell" type of spiritual being will probably always accuse a "multi-cell" type of spiritual being of a tendency to "cluster up" and become part of a dominator/slave system. Also it will live in fear of being devoured, digested, cracked up into its molecules and built into the structure of the "multi-cell" life-form - and therefore forever destroyed as an individual.

Maybe a "multi-cell" individual or compound will actually attempt to do such a thing, just because it is spiritually illiterate or at least not educated in the characteristics and differences of "single-cell" and "multi-cell" spiritual beings, so that it cannot understand that its connection-, permeation- and integration attempts act as an intolerable transgression for the "single-cell" type of spirit.

Because of its instinctive resistance to any attempts to integrate it into a bigger compound, a "multi-cell" type of spiritual being will probably perceive a "single-cell" type of spiritual being as a notorious saboteur of cooperation, co-creation and the ideal synchronization of the efforts of many individuals in order to achieve goals that are many times bigger than any goal that a "single-cell" type of spiritual being could ever achieve. Also the behaviour of some "single-cell" individuals - who have managed to enter a multi-cell compound as a host and deplete it of its energy and resources without contributing to the existence of the compound - will be perceived as parasitic and therefore destructive.

-  Group Consciousness Explained  -

First Principles   --  Individual Freedom - Power of Choice  --  Life Planning  --  Essential Characteristics  --  Sharing  --  Splitting and Merging  --  Procreation, Growth and "Cancer"  --  Karma Disease?


First Principles

If we do not want to choose a side and offer our processing services only to either the "single-cell" or the "multi-cell" variety of spiritual beings, we would have to learn the differences between these two types of spiritual life-form "cells", and the principles of how to approach their cases. If these principles are not understood or not applied, it could be that the processing goes very wrong, because a "single-cell" type person is processed with the principles of a "multi-cell" type of person, or vice versa.

The first thing to understand would be that none of them are wrong for being what they are. All of them go back to the point where they first appear as a new-born spirit and now have to define themselves. If they disconnect completely from the main body of spirit and leave no "root connection" in place, they are going to become "single-cell" spirits. If they only reach out but stay connected to the background of non-personal spiritual existence (the main body of spirit) with some kind of channel, root or line, they have the potential of becoming a "multi-cell" spiritual life-form, because then they have the potential of switching into the "transparent mode" (see below), where they share information with other spirits via the root connection which links them together through their spiritual "base".

Whether the "root channel" stays intact for all spiritual beings, but for some of them gets jammed during their eon-long existence by harmful acts so that it can no longer be accessed, is a matter of speculation. The result would be the same. Also it could be that the "transparent channel" between compound members is different from the "root channel" and that the group consciousness connection is not identical with the backwards connection to the "supreme being". Further we could assume that a jammed "transparent channel" can be bypassed with a new and clean channel instead of cleaning and restoring the first one.

For an individual's function in a group consciousness compound all these things don't really make a difference.

At the first glance it could be assumed that the completely disconnected "single-cell" spirit is a deteriorated form of spiritual being, as they have (temporarily) given up the ability of tuning in to the universal mind and might get lost in selfish endeavours. Their connection channel is closed, like a soap-bubble closes its air hole at the moment where it floats away from the straw.

But it would be a very limited viewpoint to look down on such spirits. The freedom to define oneself would most certainly include the freedom to disconnect from the main body of spirit and create a "single-cell" type of life.

Actually this is the choice of many, if not most of the spirits who today live on Earth in human bodies. The same freedom to define oneself would also include the possibility to re-develop into a "rooted" spirit who then could become part of a "multi-cell" spiritual life-form. However this fundamental change in a person's design would have to stay a matter of free choice, and cannot be requested or expected from a person, nor declared to be a necessary part of their spiritual evolution. Once they have originated the wish, our processing might help them though to clean up their "transparent channel" and develop the perceptions which are necessary to use it.


Individual Freedom - Power of Choice

The "multi-cell" individual knows with certainty that it is safe to live in a group consciousness compound and that none of their individuality gets lost or has to be sacrificed to the common goals. Quite the opposite: Each of their individual character traits makes the compound richer and more differentiated. Such a personality can no longer conceive of the tiny range of activities which the "single-cell" individual is living in, and considers such an existence poor and incomplete.

The present time snapshot of the functions of individual cells in a plant or animal body might not immediately reflect the freedom which a "multi-cell" individual has in their relationship to the compound. It seems that a lung-, skin- or muscle-cell is totally enslaved by the functions that it performs in the context of the whole organism. It cannot change its location or activities in the slightest way and has to obey its genetic program down to the letter - otherwise the organism could not function as such, but would fall down dead and become fodder for the single-celled "individualists".

But viewed in the quick-motion of evolution, we perceive an enormous freedom for individual variation. In regular intervals, certain cells of the body (the egg/sperm cells) are completely released from any duty in the compound. Actually they never had any such duty - they are reserved for exploring the unknown and creating the future. After a certain time where they receive the total care and support of the organism (the pregnancy period), they are set free and sent out to conquer new and unknown territory. In a culture with group-consciousness capabilities, this might be mirrored by sub-groups or colonies which explore a completely new lifestyle with no similarities to the habits of the "parent-compound".

Viewed in an even more accelerated quick-motion, we find that the cell-compounds have an even bigger freedom than just multiplying themselves. We find that they develop new functions and organs which finally enable them to conquer virgin territory and add completely new concepts to the catalogue of creations.

In order to do this, the compound would have to have a high tolerance for new and unusual decisions of individual cells. Let's assume that some cells in a single fish-body decide to mutate and develop the ability to assimilate oxygen from the air, not from the water. In present time, this ability is of no use to the fish. There is no air in the water, and a fish crawling out into the air, up the beach and into the woods, is a thing that is unheard of. Yet the fish-body tolerates the "useless" new cells. It tolerates them to such an extent that the same strange new cells will show up in the fish's offspring as well, maybe even more so.

Some billion years later the useless air-breathing cells have developed into lungs and the fish have conquered all continents of a planet. Viewing backwards, this looks like planned, and maybe it is; but for the first fish with air-breathing cells it was a matter of "Will I remove these strange and useless cells, or will I tolerate and even feed them?"Actually the fish was probably not even aware of them. It is rather unlikely that it thought "Oh, something new; that's interesting - let's see what will come from it." No - the system supported the new mutated cells because they were part of "myself" and as such had inherited the right to be served.

We see that freedoms and duties for the cell as well as the compound go into both directions. The cells have to comply with the compound's needs and impulses, but with their variation experiments they also define and develop its future form and function. The compound dictates the cell's activities from minute to minute, but it also serves their individual impulses and provides for everything they might need as raw material for their creations which well might push over the present time boundaries.

Nothing of that is in any way real for the "single-cell" individual. Beyond a certain amount of grouping and organizing they are not able to conceive of any kind of uniting structure. They have no nerve channels and veins which would connect the cells with each other, and no brain which would coordinate their activities. The possibility of specialized duties which create interdependencies between cells (which then are no longer able to exist independently as a self-supporter and thus have to "trust each other") are beyond its stage of evolution, and things like shared perceptions or simultaneous intentions are foreign concepts to them.


Life Planning

The idea that a person can stay intact as an individual and yet connect and synchronize with others in order to constitute a "bigger me" is as incomprehensible to the "single-cell" person as the idea of a human body would be to a yeast cell. So the connection, permeation and synchronization attempt of the "multi-cell" individual can only be perceived as an attack and a threat by the "single-cell" individual. The terror of such an attack can multiply if the two spirits happen to have bodies of opposite gender, and the approach contains a sexual element.

The instinctive rejection, which the "single-cell" individual understands as an act of defending its sovereignty and independence, is perceived as destructive sabotage by the "multi-cell" individual, who would have seen a possible role in the group consciousness compound for the selected "single-cell" individual - a vacant function which now stays unoccupied -, and whose natural impulse is to connect, to permeate and to synchronize.  As they live in the daily experience of mutual support between self-determined and fully sovereign individuals who yet are able to merge their impulses into the powerful activities of a "bigger me", the panic of the "single-cell" individuals and their terror of being devoured are of the same incomprehensibility for them which the "single-cell" individuals have for the connection attempts of the "multi-cell" individuals.

The life planning for "single-cell" and "multi-cell" individuals has therefore to follow different sets of rules.

Any life planning for the "single-cell" individual would have to include steps which secure that the person can live and exist in a safely closed area. It should allow self-determined communication, but prevent any surprise contacts or invasions of their space. An education step would be essential in order to build a foundation for their understanding of the "multi-cell" type of spiritual being, so that in case of an encounter with such an individual (who might be uneducated in the subject) they can not only defend their sovereignty, but also point out to the "multi-cell" individual what they need to study and (probably) process in session, so that they can co-exist in peace in the future.

If we are dealing with spiritual "cells" instead of physical ones, it could be assumed that their evolution could happen faster and they would at least theoretically be able to change from the "single-cell" variety into the "multi-cell" variety and vice versa. Cells who develop a "multi-cell" character but then fail to synchronize and merge into a group-consciousness compound, could convert back and lead a "single-cell" life for a while, until they have created better conditions, try it again and maybe succeed this time.

But in general we can expect that cells who have developed group consciousness capabilities would perceive the "single-cell" existence as a step backwards and would feel unfulfilled and unhappy that way. So for a "multi-cell" individual, any constructive life planning would have to include steps of finding or building the ideal group consciousness compound, their "spiritual family".

Special attention will have to be given to the time where "multi-cell" individuals first build their compounds. They might try to include "single-cell" individuals, and these "single-cell" individuals might be willing to be included for very special reasons. Yet they would not actually link themselves into the unconditional sharing concept of the group consciousness compound. They would perceive the compound as a "host" whose resources they can deplete like a parasite does, pursuing their own agenda instead of contributing to the shared efforts of creating the mutual goals of the compound.

If "multi-cell" individuals are aware of this potential danger while building their compounds, they should be able to quickly erect structures of stunning beauty by attracting and grouping individuals of their own kind in the way that creates the most harmony and efficiency. Yet it would be of vital necessity for them to identify and eliminate "single-cell" types of spiritual beings, who try to get built into the "multi-cell" compound in order to exploit its willingness to share energy, raw materials, knowhow and products for their own purposes.

There are examples in evolution where such an inclusion has worked well and later has led to the development of whole new life-forms. Maybe the most prominent example are those organisms who billions of years ago first devoured some single-celled algae (maybe in an attempt to eat and digest them). These algae started to produce sugar, based on sunlight and carbon dioxide, employing chemicals that they did not have themselves but were provided by the host organism. The sugar was delivered back to the host organism and helped it build its tissue. This first simple symbiosis - the exchange of sugar against necessary chemicals - was the birth of the whole kingdom of plants!

But if "single-cell" individuals who are found in a new "multi-cell" compound will not engage in a working mode of true symbiosis (viable exchange of values between the "single-cell" individual and the "multi-cell" compound), they might act as a painful, weakening or even deadly factor which better gets removed before the damage it creates gets dramatic - on the physical plane, examples for this are plenty in the subject of infectuous diseases.

Of course this would not have to happen totally mirror-like on the spiritual plane. The brutal and war-like destruction which takes place on a microscopic level in the body's immune system does not have to repeat in the process of building a group consciousness compound. Locating parasitic "single-cell" individuals and politely showing them their way out of the compound's space would be sufficient to guarantee the safety of the compound's endeavours.

Viewed again in the quick-motion of evolution, we would be watching an expanding building of growing complexity, which surrounds itself with a layer of dust - the "single-cell" individuals who are expelled because they have proven to be incompatible with the evolutionary model of a "multi-cell" group consciousness compound, and find themselves outside the higher evolved structure as waste material - which, funnily enough, they will perceive as having attained and successfully protected their individual freedom. 


Essential Characteristics

A shallow glance will show not a lot of differences between a group consciousness compound and a well organized hierarchy composed from "single-cell" individuals. Actually if the group consciousness compound is built from persons with the spiritual abilities we are familiar with today, many of the administrative tools which are used by "single-cell" hierarchies will still be needed (this might change in the future, if some of us develop telepathic abilities of higher accuracy).

Yet there are some essential characteristics:

Every individual is linked into this transparent channel, which behaves in a similar way like the "bus" in a computer, the connection cord in a computer network, or the nerve system in a human body. Every individual will therefore know what is going on in the whole compound, and take responsibility for those  performance requests which resonate with its own knowledge and qualifications.

If a request is sent into the transparent channel by one individual, all individuals who are qualified to meet that request will pick it up from there and originate an answer to the request by setting their product free, again into the transparent channel, from where the "cells" who requested them can take as much as they need (as well as other cells who didn't transmit a request but also need the product).

A beautiful example for this - on the physical plane - is the blood circulation, which works exactly as described above and has grown close to perfection. Its transmitter substances are chemicals (the hormones). It is fascinating to see how the hormone composition at any given point in time add up to an ever-changing definition of the person's mood, and how they influence his activities. In our model - which is mainly of a spiritual nature and has only minor physical components - we can expect this to translate into a message system of communication which develops more and more into the direction of shared telepathy, as our brains and minds respond to the advanced requirements.

This is a perfect model for a money-less economy, as long as (a) all individuals are genuine "multi-cell" types and will therefore react to the request of other "cells" with a high-quality performance, and (b) "cells" of low performance are either upgraded or removed, so that they cannot exhaust the whole compound by exploiting its products without sharing their own values. (If they are the "multi-cell" variety of spiritual being, but of a lower performance level, this gives them another chance to team up with other "cells" of similar capability, with whom they might be able to synchronize better.)

Without such a continuous clean-up program, we would have a "sick" group-consciousness compound, where some individuals work themselves to death while others are more or less idle. The "death" of the compound could not be avoided. Very similar to the sequence of events on the physical plane, the death of the compound would be followed by an increased activity of "single-cell" individuals, who would "feed" on the rotting rests of the compound and convert it into new (but less developed) manifestations of life.

It is interesting that crimes are not possible in such a model, as one individual hurting another would instantly be in pain himself! This fact can be used as an infallible indicator to spot and remove parasitic "single-cell" individuals, on which the pain of a transgression against the compound or one of its individuals would not reflect back, because they are not linked into the transparent channel. Even if they have learned to perfectly emulate a "multi-cell" individual (which is a very necessary skill for a good parasite): if they are not affected by the pain of the compound and will not get active to alleviate it, they have exposed themselves as what they are and can be properly handled.



The major element which distinguishes a "single-cell" hierarchy from a group consciousness compound is the sharing of perceptions, intentions, resources and products (see also Synchronization Elements), as compared with the exchange of perceptions, intentions, resources and products which dominates the interaction pattern in a cultivated "single-cell" hierarchy, and the plundering or annexation of resources and products which are the norm in uncultivated "single-cell" interactions (also observed in criminal activities inside a cultivated "single-cell" hierarchy).

The "multi-cell's" willingness and ability to share unconditionally can get dangerous in areas where it is part of the prevalent "single-cell" culture's codes that certain possessions or relationships have to be private and exclusive. On our planet and in our time this would mostly be the sexual area. In some parts of Europe the average cultural tolerance might already allow livingness models where sexual partners are shared. In other parts of Europe, in the US and the rest of the world this is still breaking the law and might pull in serious consequences.

Even if a group consciousness compound can manage to establish themselves in an area where they can negotiate a kind of "non-intervention" agreement, so that they will not get attacked for their internal sharing of things which are defined as private and exclusive in the surrounding culture, there is still the factor of unresolved case to consider.

Even if no law is broken and/or the surrounding culture has explicitly granted their non-intervention, individuals whose case gets restimulated and who hit massive charge which forces them to dramatize insane actions, can still create chaos and danger for the compound and its "cells"  - inside the compound, where individuals might simply cave in, as well as outside, where a lot of bad PR, sabotage and individual vendetta might be created.

In such cases it would be wise to specifically restrain the unconditional sharing in the "dangerous" areas, and allow it only gradually to happen, always with a strong focus on the processing of the involved individuals. This must be timed by the pace-maker in such a way that the processing follows closely the progress of the gradually intensified sharing, until complete sharing can be performed without any negative reactions from the "cells" of the compound.

But there is also the other possibility that the compound's individuals wish to define certain elements as private and unshared. In this case the vote or agreement would have to become part of the compound's ruling visions and laws. In the case of clothing or hygiene articles this would appear to be obvious; in other areas (like the sexual area) it might appear to be obvious to some individuals and not so obvious to others; in any event the compound would have to support the agreement and adhere to it once it is made. But they would have to expect that some individuals cannot agree with this rule, split off and form their own compound which is based on a different vision.


Splitting and Merging

Not every time where we observe difficulties in sharing or where a group consciousness compound cannot be successfully synchronized, are we looking at a scene where "single-cell" activities are sabotaging the compound's efforts. It could also be that the compound consists of individuals which actually would belong to more than one compound: they are too different to get synchronized, and synchronization could only happen if one of them (or some of them) give up a part of their unique personality or adjust themselves to group codes which do not resonate with their true self, so that they would not naturally "gravitate" to that compound but have other reasons to stay there - maybe the need of some of the compound's products, or simply an unawareness of the factors which determine the formation of a group consciousness compound: full or partial spiritual illiteracy.

Giving up or suppressing a part of one's personality is a concept which does not belong into the genuine group consciousness model. The suppression or neglect of some of the member individuals - even if it is only one - would immediately fill the transparent channel of the whole compound with pain or other negative emotions (grief, loss, anger, protest etc.) The compound would feel "ragged" and cease to be functional. 

In such a case, sooner or later the compound will have to split in order to maintain the integrity of their "transparent mode". The individual or individuals who have split off are then free to form an own group consciousness compound, which truly reflects their character and therefore will mainly have resonance and harmony on the transparent channel.

The other side of this coin are the cases where unbound "multi-cell" individuals seek to connect with a compound, or even where two accomplished compounds find that they have so many similarities that they actually should be one compound, even if it covers a large physical area or if its parts are separated by physical distance. In such a case, the compounds would merge and form a bigger compound.

Another reason to split would be a situation where a compound has grown to such a size that it wants to explore new territory, either in a physical or in a spiritual sense. As the conditions in such an activity are very different from the conditions in an already settled compound, they will have to split in order to guarantee the ideal synchronization pace for the "parent" compound as well as for the "child" compound. If the time which they spend separated does not change them too much, they might re-merge later.


Procreation, Growth and "Cancer"

If we want to assume that the spiritual evolution really mirrors the physical evolution, we find another interesting analogy which has to do with procreation, growth and their aberration, the disease class which we know as "cancer" (medicine calls the cancerous tumors "neoplasma", or translated "new tissue").

The single-celled organism is a self-supporting allrounder. It can perform every function which it needs for survival without any help from any other cell. It is a sovereign entity and fully independent. Not so the cell which works in the compound of an organism: it is so highly specialized that it can only survive if all other cells are working perfectly in flawless synchronization. On its own it would die in very few minutes.

The most capable cells - the brain-cells - are dead after only 3-4 minutes (average) without support from their fellow cells in the heart, lungs and veins; organ and skin cells live longer, but even the cells which live longest - the ones which produce hair and fingernails - give up after a few hours of no support.

We can conclude:

There is a certain irony in these facts. With their development into more complex structures, these cells face a growing risk of being let down or betrayed by fellow cells. Their capabilities grow, but at the same time they develop a frightening dependency.

At the same time they have to restrain their own growth and reproduction in order to keep the whole organism in a stable form and function. A single-celled organism would never do that - it splits and splits and keeps splitting until it has used up its food (maybe forever), but a healthy kidney- or bone-cell knows exactly when it has to stop growing in order to obey to the genetic blueprint of the organism.

Sometimes the multi-celled model really looks like nothing but dependency, slavery and restraints. It is hard to imagine why such a structure should be a "higher" life-form. From the viewpoint of an independent self-supporting single-cell with allrounder skills, the whole evolution of multi-celled organisms might be an insane idea. (We see a similar thought in the survival freaks who leave their towns and revert to a "primitive" - but independent! - self-supporting lifestyle).

Despite of this very complex system of spezialized cells which need to restrain their unlimited growth in order to survive, the genetic history of the mammals knows two types of cells which are capable of unlimited growth: the germ cells (egg and sperm in their united form as a fertilized egg), and the cancer cell (malign tumor cell).

Isn't it fascinating that the most precious and the most feared cells in the human organism are so very similar in nature? Their only difference is that the cancer cell will ruthlessly grow (split in order to multiply itself) at the cost of all other surrounding cells without delivering any product to them, until it has completely exploited their ressources so that the whole organism dies from exhaustion - while the germ cell will develop a feedback system with its fellow cells already in its earliest stages. After the first few days they have already a first nerve system, so that each of the individuals which split off from the first parent (the fertilized egg) knows about the other cell's needs and will adjust and spezialize itself in order to fit into the "big picture" of the genetic blueprint. 

Both types of cell have no function in the parent organism. Both are supported by the organism because they are "part of myself". The difference is that the cancer cell only "thinks" about the own survival and has no concept of the whole organism, while the germ cell requests resources with the "intention" to create the next generation, or - in other words - the future of the race.

If we make a thought experiment and think of a whole race as a 4-dimensional life-form (with time as the 4th dimension), we could say that the individual organisms are the "cells" of this life-form. Humankind for instance would exist on this planet in the 2nd dimension (it covers Earth as a thin layer); it would exist in space (on the moon and maybe other planets) in the 3rd dimension; and it would exist in the past and the future as their 4th dimension. Their procreation would then allow them to be a 4-dimensional life-form, and the sequence of generations would make this 4-dimensional life-form bigger, like a tree grows ring by ring every year.

Back to our study of the germ and cancer cells: we have found that they have a lot of similarities; that they will exploit the parent organism without giving anything back to it (the fetus does not deliver anything to the mother's organism, it is only receiving from her); and that their main difference is basically that the cancer cell creates its own future by killing the parent organism and therefore reducing the future potential of the life-form, while the germ cell creates its own future as an integrated part of the future potential of the life-form.

The cancer cell kills the parent (which equals a truncation of the genetic line); the germ cell continues the parent's existence beyond its original life span and therefore appends to the genetic line. But both are only receiving resources from the parent, not delivering products into the parent organism.

If we take the time to observe carefully, we will find both types of "cells" amongst spiritual beings as well. At the first glance they both seem to collect resources and give nothing back in return; but a closer view will reveal that some of these individuals build a future for their parent compound - or at least prepare building a future -, while others simply exploit it with total ruthlessness and will not consider the disastrous future consequences of their activities.

The question is, why would a cell in a healthy body develop into such a ruthless cannibal? And why would a "cell" in a well working group conscious compound suddenly develop into a "spiritual killer"?

The answer is most probably that the cancer cell's parent body is not really healthy, and that the group consciousness compound which produces killer individuals is not really working well. Both "cells" respond to sub-acute death threats in their environment which they have failed to get under control. They respond with the intention to survive at any cost - if not with the whole organism, then at least as individuals.

The sequence for a physical organism would be this:

The cancer cell feels that it needs to return to an earlier stage of evolution, where it could exist independently as a self-supporter, did not depend on the cooperation of others, and did not have to perform specialized functions either. It now acts like a parasitic single-cell which considers everything in the environment as "just food". The last consequence of this decision is that it will end like any other parasite - it will die with the host -, but this consequence cannot be foreseen under the pressure of the unhandled death threat.


Karma Disease?

The model above would apply to the mainstream idea that cancer is produced by poisons like cigarette smoke, radiation, free radicals or other chemicals which are destructive for the body. Another, newer theory says that cancer is produced by parasites which produce a growth hormone. This hormone is received not only by the parasite himself (for whose use it was intended), but also by the surrounding body cells which begin to react to its message with uncontrolled growth.

This theory is maybe even more interesting. If we conceive of a link between the subject of cancer and the subject of group consciousness, we could assume that cancer is a "Karma Disease" (that would be a disease which is created on a sub-conscious level by a person - or maybe by a "multi-cell" spiritual life-form - in order to teach them a lesson which they have failed to learn actively).

Cancer as a "Karma Disease" might have been created in order to teach us the group consciousness principles which we have failed to understand up to this date. It demonstrates from a very physical viewpoint what we have already seen in the chapters above: That "single-cell" and "multi-cell" spiritual beings are not compatible and need to live separate from each other. The uncontrolled personal expansion of the "single-cell" individual would destroy the carefully balanced condition of self-restraints and personal fulfilment  which allows the "cells" of a group consciousness compound to live together in harmony.

An undetected "single-cell" parasite in the middle of a group consciousness compound could spread its message of unlimited personal growth in a way which turns valuable "multi-cell" individuals into ruthless"spiritual killers" who exploit the compound's willingness to unconditional sharing until it is exhausted beyond recovery.

It would have to be researched whether this could actually happen in a compound who is not already defective in some sub-acute way. But as spiritual illiteracy (not knowing the essential working principles of spiritual life, including group consciousness principles) would be one such defect, and as it is such a widespread phenomenon that many will perceive it as "normal" (which certainly makes it appear to be sub-acute - not really necessary to handle with priority -), we can expect quite a lot of pretty gruesome "deaths" in the first stages of group consciousness evolution.

Those of us who have watched the demise of the "Church of Scientology" already know one rather impressive example. Another is the fate of Communism, which was an earlier attempt to implement the "bigger me" concept, and of course Christianity has failed royally, if we compare Jesus Christ's original one-ness ideas with the grotesque caricature which is left over from it. All three movements, if they were human bodies, would have to be diagnosed with cancer today (actually Communism has probably died already).

As in all karmic situations, the problem can be expected to repeat until it is understood. We have a good chance to get rid of the gigantic death threat of cancer, if we decide to learn the lesson which it is teaching


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