Group Consciousness Processing

Article by Heidrun Beer (08-10/1999)

Copyright (c) 1999 - all rights reserved

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Concepts, Visions, Laws

The most important factor for the synchronization of a group consciousness compound is their agreement and resonance regarding their concepts, goals and visions. A person walking across a meadow to a certain tree is an example for that: all of his cells work in unison in order to get to that tree. This is only possible because there is no doubt that it is exactly this tree, not another one, or a pond or a rock, they are walking to.

If there were no agreement about the concepts, goals and visions, a certain spiritual perception of other people (telepathy) were still possible, but this would happen on a level of communication (exchange of ideas across a distance), whereas a group consciousness compound is sharing their ideas (the produce the same ideas at the same time - there is no receipt point, all are originating).

A group consciousness compound which is in disagreement about their concepts, goals and visions is actually already two (or more) compounds who happen to co-exist in the same space. But their synchronization - which makes them into a group consciousness compound in the first place - is most certainly broken. Maybe the screeching dissonance has even turned them back into a "single-cell" conglomerate for the moment.

The agreement about a certain set of concepts, goals and visions will lead to the matching "traffic rules" and behaviour codes. Again it is necessary that the compound's members agree on these rules. It will probably be in the formation stage of the compound that those individuals who "gravitate" towards a certain rule will establish it as an actual law in the physical universe. The others then have the choice whether they want to adopt it or not.

After this stage, changes in the rules will require a simultaneous shift, done at the same time by all individual "cells", as sychronized by their pace-maker. Everything else would be "single-cell" politics - democratic or totalitarian, constructive or destructive, but always "single-cell".

For the individual "multi-cell" person it is extremely important to insist on complete honesty - both in himself and in other candidates - during the formation stage of a group consciousness compound. There are many concepts in the human population on Earth which are already quite relaxed and normally handled with a lot of tolerance. But others are still highly "charged" with negative emotions and enforced thoughts ("implants") which have been tortured into people's thinking patterns with incredible brutality.

The clothing- and hairstyle-experiments which our kids enjoy today would have been unthinkable only one or two generations ago. Women in typically male professions - like pilot or soldier - are becoming more and more normal. In the question of sexual preferences we observe an increasing degree of liberalism and tolerance - in other words, the individual's power of choice and freedom to create their lives after their own very unique personal visions are met with the respect they would deserve in all life areas.

But there are still areas where the unresolved negativity of past generations can explode at any given moment. Sexual lifestyle and the use of drugs are probably the most touchy ones in the Western world, but only a few 100 miles from Europe a woman can get beaten to death quite easily, if she only shows a few centimeters of bare skin (Afghanistan today, 1999), and African girls still get their genitals mutilated as a matter of tradition. At the times of the Concorde these countries and cultures are no longer very far away.

For the functionality of the group consciousness compound it is not really important whether their concepts, goals and visions are very intelligent, and whether the rules they have agreed upon are sane or insane or anything in between.

The factor of interest is only whether the individual members actually "gravitate" to the rules they have defined, so that they will feed a positive resonance into the transparent channel. A group consciousness compound who fully agrees that everybody should have a shower only on odd days will do very much better than a compound who falls apart because the cigarette smokers attack the marijuana smokers for breaking the law, the marijuana smokers attack the cigarette smokers for putting everybody at the risk of getting lung cancer, and the non-smokers attack all smokers for polluting the air and setting a sad example of being drug-addicts.

Such a conglomerate is already split up, even if they still seem to share the same space. It is an apparency. This space is no longer mutually permeated and co-created. We have three sides, therefore three group consciousness compounds (if any), and the right thing to do would be to cleanly separate the groups and explain to all of them that they have the right to do what they want, but not the right to keep the others from doing what they want. A good pace-maker will not hesitate to make this step. He will probably stay with that part of the compound which he himself "gravitates" to, and the other parts will have to find a new pace-maker.

A general solution for the problem we are looking at would be that laws are made only by the group consciousness compound or "single-cell" hierarchy which will have to use them. Non-intervention with other compounds would have to be a matter of honour, like we already have it today between nations.

If we follow this simple principle, we would end up with a scenario where any individual would be responsible for the rules for their personal conduct, any couple (or other type of sexually related team, group or family) would be responsible for the rules which have to be followed by both (or all) members of the family, the company or town or nation would be responsible for their respective laws, etc.

This could be continued upwards until we have whole planets, solar systems or galaxies who each define their laws, but agree on non-intervention with the laws of other compounds on the same level of magnitude. Important would be that they also have a principle of non-intervention with smaller compounds who act as component parts of the larger compound, as far as their internal conduct is concerned.

Today it is totally self-evident that the government cannot dictate whether people may masturbate or have oral sex or not. These things have been regulated by society (church and/or government) for thousands of years, but at some point it has dawned on the politicians that these are private decisions. Only the individual himself can decide whether he wants to make use of his freedom to masturbate, and only the people involved in a partnership can define whether oral sex is acceptable for them or banned.

Other decisions which are not less private - like how many life partners a person wants to legally have, what gender their life partners should have, or what poison they use for their unhealthy pleasure - are still regulated by the governments today, like the governments still regulate women's clothing in Islam countries. Here a clean and clear education has to happen.

It is actually very easy to learn: those activities which do not touch the bigger compound have to be considered a private matter which is regulated inside the smaller compound. And a general non-intervention law is needed which binds the bigger compound to keep their hands off the private rule-making of its individual members or component compounds.


The Pace-maker

The function of a pace-maker is not that of a dictator or leader. He picks the information about speed and direction from every individual out of the transparent channel and sychronizes them into a pace which can be followed by all. He slightly slows down individuals who are ahead of the group and tries to speed up those who are behind. (If the speed within the group varies too much, it might be necessary to split the compound and work with a second pace-maker, or the fast individuals would be slowed down to an unbearable degree).

The pace-maker also bundles the focus of interest so that the whole compound is focussed on the same thing at the same time. He will not dictate this focus or try to align everybody with himself! His task is to align the individual compound members with each other - himself included, of course. Actually a good pace-maker will make sure that every impulse of interest from one of the individual "cells" gets picked up by the whole compound and taken care of. Should this not be possible, it could again be necessary to either split the group - so that the interest of some does not get "overgrown" by the interest of others -, or maybe to locate and remove some masked single-cell individuals who pursue their own agenda on the cost of the group.

Only one individual in a group consciousness compound can have the function of the pace-maker, unless the compound is spread out across huge physical distances, so that each local sub-compound needs an own pacemaking individual. In such a case, the pace-makers need to be especially careful that they stay synchronized between themselves. This is a high art, similar to the advanced concept of parallel processors in one computer.

Such super-compounds can master quite ambitious tasks, but it requires flawless performance to keep this working without losing the grip on the whole compound, which otherwise would fall apart into separated smaller compounds which are no longer synchronized. They can still remain in close cooperation, but their interaction style would switch into an asynchroneous mode, which allows each sub-group to act independently until some input from one of the other sub-groups needs to be processed.

As the speed and direction of a genuine group-consciousness compound is set by the pace-maker as a direct result of the combined speed and direction of all individual "cells", we can hope that with a further refinement of our spiritual perceptions there might come a day where a pace-maker is not even needed anymore. Right now the pace-maker would be that individual of the compound whose perceptions are best and whose sense for balance will make sure that no individual gets left behind, runs ahead completely out of sight, or gives or receives an improperly weighed share of resources and products.

And of course he will bring to the compound's attention any individual who turns out to act as a single-cell parasite and needs to be removed for the sake of the whole. His continued spiritual permeation (sharing space with perceptions turned on) of every individual in the compound will set off an alarm when he senses such an individual. It gives a similar feeling like a damaged piston in a motor. First the smooth forward movement of the compound is interrupted by disturbing jerks; a closer look will reveal which individual it is whose forward movement is produced by the efforts of the other individuals instead of his own efforts, so that it has a slowing down effect on the movement of the whole compound.

It is of essential importance that the pace-maker job is assigned to an invidual who really can perceive each individual's feelings and physical, mental and physical condition. Especially with our cultural background, which has conditioned us into a habit of suppressing feelings and needs, only a part of the necessary information is put on communication channels by people. A team member might for instance communicate freely about the results of his activity, but suppress the information about the fact that he feels sick already for weeks and doesn't know how to get through the next day without collapsing. This is only one situation of many which can be imagined.

Of course such - and other - suppressed informations will not only mess up the transparent channel, they will also sabotage the performance of the whole compound sooner or later. Any successful pace-maker works to a high degree with telepathic abilities and picks up whatever information he can get, whether it has been officially originated by a "cell" or not. He can inspect it for a moment and determine whether it is private and should stay untouched, or whether it is of importance for the compound and he has to get active and ask something like "I notice an unhappyness in you lately - is there something which we need to address?"

Private matters might need attention as well. They are sometimes indicators for the spiritual or physical condition of an individual which is not visible otherwise. This can go from an alarming need of sleep through a situation of alcohol- or drug-addiction or a sexual problem through the whole range of inter-personal factors to spiritual phenomena like an instable mood level or even disturbance by body-less spirits. Such phenomena would be private by nature, but as they disturb the peace of the person, they will have an effect on the transparent channel and as such on the whole group consciousness compound.

Picking up such situations is done by the pace-maker by installing a loop of attention which is wandering from individual to invididual in regular intervals. Once a day or once a week he takes the time to assume the viewpoint of each individual in the compound, "look with his eyes" and "think with his mind". On the telepathic connection which is established in these minutes, he will immediately perceive any troublesome condition in the other person's mind, even if it is not expressed: "I have some trouble which I don't want to tell" is an own type of message which is quite easy to pick up.

In a small compound this regular "well-being check" is probably easiest to do when the pace-maker meets a person occasionally. During the talk about a task for the compound or during some casual chat, he does a quick and silent scan of the person's frequencies and checks it for dissonances or low mood levels. In a bigger compound, it might be necessary to arrange short meetings for everybody, so that nobody gets overlooked. It also can be done during a weekly meeting, if the compound has such a meeting in their schedule.

We are coming to the actual elements that need to be synchronized in a group consciousness compound. They probably can be roughly divided into spiritual goals and the physical actions which are necessary to accomplish the spiritual goals.

The precise character of the various study-, training-, processing-, production- and administration-steps will depend on the nature of the compound's goals and activities, but they can be summarized in some simple categories which need to be synchronized by the pace-maker for the compound to be functional.

If this synchronization is not working in an optimum way, the individual "cells" will move at a different speed, into different directions, or with a different equipment of resources and knowhow. These differences might create friction and tension, which adds up to negative energy and emotions, or in a better known word: charge.

This charge needs to be taken up in Synchronization Processing, which will train the individual members of the compound into greater flexibility, dissolve their fixated attention on unpleasant experiences in the past,  and enable the pace-maker to keep his team in a homogeneous state of acting as one united awareness compound.



The pace-maker has to make sure that each individual has (a) the matter (objects, possessions or materials) which they need for the shared purpose of the group-consciousness compound and (b) the matter (objects, possessions or materials) which they need for their private purposes. The private "dimension" of each individual is important, as they would get out of balance if it were neglected. This would create either negative energy (charge) for them, or it would make them shrink in the power and scope of their spiritual reach. Both would immediately reflect in the group consciousness compound's transparent channel and sabotage the forward drive of the whole compound.

The pacemaker has to make sure that two extremes are avoided: (1) that the individuals who are responsible for providing any kind of material hoard them in their space without putting them out for everybody else to share, and (2) that the individual compound "cells" consume more than the compound can provide, so that a scarcity develops and the compound's activities lose their physical foundation. In such a case, the consumation has to be reduced for everybody sufficiently that the whole compound can continue to move forward, even at at a slower pace, instead of using up all resources and then coming to a sudden halt.

In synchronization processing, tension or friction ("charge") manifesting between individuals which stems from a disbalance in sharing objects, possessions or materials would have to be cleaned up in session, always following the actual correction of the situation in real life.



The sharing of physical energy would be handled in a similar way as the sharing of material factors, including the handling in sessions of sychronization processing. A different thing is the spiritual energy input or intensity of an individual's contributions to the compound. The pace-maker would have to balance this in a way that no individual in the compound feels that they are putting in too much intensity into the compound's creations, or that others are putting in too little intensity.

One way of creating a fair balance would be to grant the high-intensity individual a higher than average share of group resources (including payment), if all compound members agree. If no agreement can be reached and the compound is approaching a split-point, it would be a healthy tendency to keep the high-intensity members and let go of low-intensity members.

But it doesn't have to come to that point in all cases. The high-intensity members could go through a processing and/or life-planning stage where they have a look at their personal balance, especially at the balance between their physical and their spiritual existence. They should be coached to the insight that it is of no value for the compound if they burn up their physical reserves for the sake of the team, as they might lose their health (or even their life) at an early age and then would not be able to contribute to the compound any longer.

Tension or friction ("charge") manifesting between individuals because of different intensity input need to be addressed in synchronization processing.



In the context of a group consciousness compound's operation, with "performance" we are referring to the quality level of the operation. An activity can operate with a high input of money, energy, materials or time, and can still be unefficient and deliver only low quality products or services. At the other hand, some people or groups are able to produce a high quality level with very little resources.

Every "single-cell" hierarchy - as well as every group consciousness compound - acts on a certain average level (or standard) of quality. In a group consciousness compound it is painful if one "cell" suddenly falls out of this pattern in either direction, without allowing the other "cells" to close up. This is true in both ways: if one individual acts very highly above, or far below the average performance level.

Such a synchronization failure in performance can have many factors - subject literacy, experience and general mental and physical health come to mind amongst several others -, but there is also a common denominator. In a group consciousness compound it will always be necessary to gradually raise the performance level of the whole compound, instead of tearing the compound apart by having some individuals with a very high and some with a very low performance level.

While synchronization processing can remove the negative feelings and other consequences of any performance "incident", what is really needed is a careful sequence of study-steps and optimization in the coordination of the performance levels of the compound's individuals, so that they can smoothly operate on similar standards and don't feel torn apart by the highly inhomogeneous performance of individual "cells".



In present time, where "single-cell" individuals are the majority and first group consciousness compounds just begin to get formed, one of the greatest dangers is that pace-makers and high-intensity individuals exhaust themselves, their body, finances or other physical resources because they perceive more needs on the transparent channel than they are equipped to handle. A typical indicator for this is people who work themselves (close) to death or create financial problems in the attempt to pull through what they perceive as a need on their transparent channel.

This situation is fatal. These individuals tend to be the most important for a group consciousness compound, who cannot afford to lose them without suffering severe consequences. Especially if they are the compound's pace-maker, it might cost the "life" of the whole compound if they overspend resources, be it money, material, energy or working time.

Individuals who tend to work or spend beyond the point of a reasonable risk must get themselves re-educated in synchronization essentials, and they must re-train their perceptions of the ideal balance between private mode and transparent mode - until they can be trusted to act within safe boundaries, so that there is no more danger that their individual exhaustion will flood the compound's transparent channel with signals which would put the whole compound into an alarm mode, or that their compulsive activity costs the compound an important "cell" because it suddenly stops working at all, either because it is physically or physically spent and must get replaced, or because it has to rest and recover in order to avoid a complete and final burnout.

There is a situation in nature where an individual (a tree's seed, a planted potatoe etc.) gets completely used up in order to start the next generation, but there is no need to mirror this specific model into the spiritual evolution pattern. There are enough other models of growth or procreation which can be mirrored into the spiritual universe and where no individual needs to get sacrificed - the procreation model of the mammals or the root stolon system are only two of them.

If  a group consciousness compound suffers from such exhaustion symptoms, either their envisioned "skin" (the allocated space, physical border or number of individuals) is too big, or their attempted production is too voluminous, or their pace is too fast, compared with the available manpower, money or other resources.

It is also possible that their exchanges rates with the surrounding culture are either too low (dumping prices), so that the exchange they get for their product does not cover the expenses, or they are too high, so that prices would cover expenses, but too little can be sold because people cannot afford the product or service. In both cases we would have the same situation of too little income or exchange for their products.

This could be compared with a baby heart which tries to pump blood through an adult body: the little heart would collapse and the whole body would die - whereas it could successfully manage the blood circulation for a baby body of its own age and slowly grow together with the body until they both reach maturity. 

It is a very laudable impulse to assume responsibility for a whole planet, but if material, manpower and energy resources are only sufficient to care for a handful of individuals, it would be deadly to take it on at this time.

The key question is: who is linked into the transparent channel? A genuine group consciousness compound will tend to act upon every need which is perceived on the transparent channel. It is therefore essential that only as many needs are fed into the transparent channel as actually can be processed (or a little less, so that there is a certain reserve potential).

If the compound allows individuals to "dock" and feed their need impulses into the compound's transparent channel without also feeding their contributions back into it, their energy and resources will be depleted soon, and they will disintegrate and "die".

A compound which has resources for 10 people cannot even allow 15 people to link into their transparent channel, as it cannot process their requests and would disable itself with an overload of unfulfilled expectations which keep circulating in their "nerve system" and render it disfunctional.

If a group consciousness compound wants to survive longer than a few days, weeks or months,  they must stay small enough and slow enough to provide for the existing members before they can take on new members, and they must make very sure that their transparent channel stays closed for any connection attempts of potential members who do not come with a substantial amount of additional resources for the compound. 

Such resources could be money, knowhow, working time, connections (clients), materials, estates or any other value which can be assimilated by the compound at the time. Even then the pace-maker has to make sure that the new member will not de-stabilize the compound's sharing patterns beyond a minor degree at the beginning. It could be a good idea to integrate him/her on a temporary basis at first.

Values which cannot be utilized in the near future or are outside of the compound's focus (like a hotel-size house for only 10 people or a Rolls Royce for a compound which is focussed on running a farm) can only be counted in if enough of all other necessary resources  is available. If their maintenance drains energy or manpower from the main thrust of the compound though, the pace-maker will have to reject them in order to guarantee that the focus of the group consciousness compound is not destroyed.

Before such contributions are rejected, it should be tested though whether the value is not perhaps compatible with a future version of the compound's visions or even might open up futures which would not have been possible otherwise! In such a case the path of the whole compound might change into a different direction; the key question for the decision-makers is always whether it is an actual upgrade or not.



Actually money would be covered by the previous chapters on matter, energy and exhaustion. But we have to see clear on the fact that it is a very special subject for many people, which has accumulated negative experiences and abuse like very few other subjects. Only love and sex might be even more "hot".

Whether a person has money or not, is in some cases a reflection of their social value and therefore an indicator for their potential value as a member of a group consicousness compound. But in some cases this indicator fails totally.

Some musicians who know how to surf the wave of teenager enthusiasm just swim in money; athletes who have specialized in breaking other people's bones get rich on the calculations of TV channels who live on the character perversions of their viewers; some business people ruthlessly exploit their worker's economic dependencies without really building a healthy production or service structure; some have inherited their wealth from hard working ancestors; some are just lucky on the stock market but don't bother delivering any honest product or service; some are simply criminals. It is highly unlikely that any of these people would have group consciousness capabilities.

At the other hand, Vincent van Gogh - whose paintings are in the most expensive category today - needed the financial support of his brother even to pay for the canvas and colors which today shake the art market, and several composers whose works fill the producer's wallets today, did not know how to make a living. The same is true for many people whose work is less spectacular, but of an unselfish and helpful nature, like that of Mother Theresa and her associates, or the many nameless environment activists.

In these people we can nearly feel across the distance how they are activated and moved by the pain and emergency impulses they receive on their transparent channel either from suffering human beings or from the tortured planet Earth: they naturally act on a group consciousness level, without being aware of it.

This gives us a problem: if money-making is a specialty of self-centered "single-cell" individuals and the majority of spiritual beings with "multi-cell" capabilities typically won't care about money, then how will we finance our envisioned group consciousness compound?

Fortunately the people who can make good money with honest work - or who skillfully can manage a business with actual products or services into the success zone - are still in the majority, compared with the few "VIP" exceptions who get the attention of the TV and magazine reporters because of their inherited status, farcical biographies or spectacular performance which does not represent a real value.

Several of them might have "multi-cell" capabilities which are dormant or have been ridiculed and invalidated out of operation. They can be processed back to life if both concepts - the concept of processing and the concept of group consciousness - are broadly promoted and can be made to gradually seep into the mainstream awareness, so that these isolated multi-cell individuals are reached by the information on their regular communication channels.

Generally, a group consciousness compound will either have to develop comparable skills in producing and promoting a product or a service of actual social value, or they can "hire" such skills in the form of "single-cell" individuals who get a working contract like in any business company composed from "single-cell" individuals. In any case they will have to make sure that the whole compound is not as such self-centered, but delivers actual valuable contributions into the surrounding culture. It should never depend on rich sponsors (whose money might be of a not very clean origin), but be a self-supporting unit who owes nothing to anybody. 

One possible income element might be "entrance fees" by new members. If an individual wants to make the step from a life model where they have to pay (exchange) for everything to a life model where everything is shared, the already existing compound they want to enter might have attained a considerable level of wealth (accumulated resources, possessions, knowhow, products, money etc.)

New individuals have not yet "earned" their share of all these goods; so they would have to make an initial contribution which aligns them with the average wealth level of the compound - or their connection would cost the compound a drop in "wealth-per-head", which might set uncomfortable feelings of the existing members free into the transparent channel. If an individual comes with an important amount of knowledge or knowhow, this could be accepted as "entrance fee", especially if it is in the main area of the compound's forward thrust. If they have no specialist in that same area yet, this knowhow becomes even more valuable and can certainly replace any physical contribution.

The compound's interchange with the surrounding culture can happen on a level of "exchange" based upon money, as long as the group consciousness compounds have not found a way to merge into a country-wide, continent-wide or even planet-wide super-compound, where no more money is needed, but every transaction happens on the now already very highly developed and highly structured transparent channel, comparable to the extremely highly developed and structured nerve system and blood circulation system in the human body.

We can expect a system of "nested skins" to evolve. Today the "single-cell" has a skin (spiritual border) which separates it from everybody; but like in the body, any smaller or bigger group of "cells" can develop a surrounding common  "skin" - like the skin which keeps the liver or the kidney together-, until we have a whole collection of "organs" (group consciousness compounds) which finally connect in order to form a "body" (super-compound made up from many nested individual compounds).

This vision of a spiritual life-form of immense dimensions is absolutely not comparable with a huge communism system: it is not based on enslaved, overwhelmed and terrified "single-cells" but on free and self-determined individuals whose shared perceptions and mutual compassion motivates them to work unselfishly for each other; it is not based on a central planning, but on the individual requests of "cells" with a unique personality, to whom their willingness to share is returned by every other individual "cell" in abundance; and there exists no brutality and enforcement (as this would immediately mess up the transparent channel) - individuals who wish to split off, either into a "single-cell" existence or into smaller group-consciousness compounds with a different character, can do so at any time.  



Although the members of a group-consciousness compound will spiritually share each other's space by an act of permeation, this does not necessarily mean that they should not have private physical space, or that they should work sitting on each other's laps. For concentrated high-quality work things like a low noise-level and a minimum of interruptions (by talks or phone-calls between others, or by body traffic in the working area) are an indispensable prerequisite. Either the compound's pace-maker or one of their administrative coordinators would have to make sure that each individual "cell" has the opportunity to work in a safe and quiet space, unless the character of their production requires working in groups.

Private space is a necessity, as each member of a group-consciousness compound has a private life as well and would suffer if this were "sacrificed" to the compound's requirements. If space is scarce, it would have to be distributed according to the same principles as in the case of a material scarcity. This means, rather than having the individuals crowded together for the sake of the group compound's space, the group compound should work with a reduced amount of space, but make sure that each of the individual members has at least some private space where they can unfold their personal lifestyle and hobbies. Otherwise the accumulating discomfort and pain of the individual "cells" would start to circulate in the "transparent channel" and reduce the amount of happiness of the whole compound, followed by a drop in efficiency.

Shared space should never be loaded with private pleasure items. The only exception to this would be that all members of the compound agree on their value. But even if the ratio were 99:1, enforcing the favourite music or cigarette smoke of the 99 on the one person who does not like them, would cost this one individual their power of choice for the sake of the power of choice of the others. As a result the common power of choice level would go out of balance and we would have turmoil on the transparent channel for everybody. If a 100% agreement about the use of shared space cannot be reached, it is better to leave it empty than to load it with controversary items which mess up the transparent channel.

Tension or friction ("charge") manifesting between individuals because of space - either because some of them provide more space than others, or because some of them consume more space than others, or because the pace-maker does not have a good grip on the distribution of space, or because some of them pollute the private or shared space of others with things like smoke, noise or overly loud music -, need to be addressed in synchronization processing, always following the correction in real life.



Even if concepts, visions and laws are shared by all individuals in a group consciousness compound, there can still be a lack of coordination in "when to do what and how" in order to arrive at a certain vision. In a "single-cell" hierarchy we would call this a non-optimum planning; in a group consciousness compound it is perceived more instinctively as an uncertainty or confusion in the direction of the next step(s).

A small child who is just about to learn to walk will sometimes fall, because one leg did a step into one direction and the other leg did a step into another direction. An arm will sometimes jump out of the shoulder joint because the pull of a weight in one direction, while the weight of the body was pulling into another direction, was too strong and the coordination between arm and body became overstressed and got lost.

The broken bones we have seen in skiing accidents meant that one part of the leg was twisted or bent into one direction and another part was twisted or bent into another direction. The cells of the bones, which should have stayed connected, broke apart. The parts of a group consciousness compound can break in a similar way, if there is no ideal coordination of the direction to follow and the next step to make.

The pain which is connected with such an "incident" will be felt most by the individuals who are at both sides of the break, but some of it will also get into the transparent channel and cause pain or at least discomfort to the whole compound. And of course the compound as such will have lost the integrity of its movement and will be disfunctional until the synchronization failure in "Direction" is repaired.

It is part of the pace-maker's job to sense the preferred direction of the majority of "cells" and allow all other "cells" to share this perception so well that they will tune themselves into the same direction and the whole compound stays (or becomes) synchronized. It is also part of the pace-maker's job to make sure that any other directions which some "cells" have been interested in, are not completely forgotten or deleted from the compound's "To-Do-List", or the pain of those cells whose interest has been ignored would get into the transparent channel and destroy the compound's well-being and peace of mind.



Timing is maybe the most critical sychronization element of all. It is the one factor which decides whether a group consciousness compound stays connected and can operate as a unity over any prolonged period.

If we imagine a runner approaching the line, it becomes immediately obvious that timing is all. It is of essential importance that all cells of his body do the right thing at the right time. Not only has the brain to coordinate the muscles so that the ideal rhythm for the movement of both legs can be found. There is also an enormous amount of work to do for the lungs and for the heart, so that the right amount of oxygen is available at any given moment. And countless complicated chemical functions have to be coordinated, so that each single cell in the body has the optimum supply of sugar and other substances which are needed to guarantee its perfect function as a tiny wheel in the big machinery.

In the group consciousness compound, this gets even more complicated, as we have to consider two types of timing: the timing of physical universe activities and the timing of spiritual activities.

A group consciousness compound is to a very high degree determined by spiritual components. It is probably not possible to synchronize spiritual beings of very different spiritual development. It is therefore of vital interest for the compound to make a serious effort to bring all individuals to a similar level of spiritual awareness and ability, or they will not be able to act on the transparent channel with a comparable amount of understanding. Once all individual "cells" are fine-tuned to a similar spiritual quality, they should coordinate their further spiritual enhancement work so that everybody moves forward at a similar pace.

Although it will not work if some individuals completely stop their forward movement in order to allow others to close up. All should be moving continually. But it would be wise to grant some more attention and time to those individuals who are most "behind" the leading individuals, and have the leading individuals move slightly slower. This way, they can find together on a common level and from there on move forward at an equal speed.

Big differences in the timing of spiritual enhancement could be one major reason for the split-up of a compound. This is even more critical in cases where several compounds have to be synchronized and their pace-makers are the ones whose speed is so very different. If one pace-maker needs an average hour to realize a certain concept and has synchronized his compound to his pace, and the other pace-maker needs an average month for the same realization - and has synchronized his compound to his pace -, they will never be able to synchronize themselves or their compounds with each other.

The only way of cooperation in such a case - should cooperation be needed and wanted - would be to do it in asynchroneous mode. This means, no compound has to wait for the other compound in order to continue his own forward movement. They exchange goods or knowhow on occasion, but these exchanges are of a short duration and will not require the permanent synchronization of their timing.

The situation is very similar to racing cars or runners of different speed. If one runner comes by another runner, he can quickly hand him a water bottle or a chocolate bar and vice versa; but would they try to run beside each other, either one of them would be slowed down or the other one would be overcharged. Both are unbearable situations in the long run, as none of them would be allowed to act on his personal optimum performance level - which is the only way to allow for ongoing development.

A very different thing is the second kind of timing we have to think of: the timing of physical activities. Here we have an external pace-making factor, which is the speed of the physical universe (nature and the human environment). The pace-maker has to synchronize not only the speed of activity in the individual "cells" of the compounds, he also needs to run a continuous perception loop on the speed of the physical universe and has to make sure that they don't get slower than that.

This seems to be obvious, but especially very spiritual people tend to overlook it. If the compound's income keeps flowing slower than the rent, the phone bill etc. have to be paid, the compound is too slow to survive. It has to reduce expenses or raise income until it moves faster than the physical universe.

The same is true for things like cleaning or general maintenance of buildings and equipment: if the dust piles up faster than the cleaning crew can remove it, the compound is too slow. If cars and power tools break down faster than they can be repaired or replaced, the compound is too slow.

Or in a natural environment, if the winter comes faster or lasts longer than the woodcutter crew can provide firewood, the compound is too big or too slow or both. They need more or faster or better equipped woodcutters, or they must reduce the space they have to keep heated, until the physical universe does no longer run away on them.

Same for the farmers. If they produce less food than the compound is eating, their timing needs correction. Again they would need more, faster or better equipped farmers, or they would have to eat less, or optimize waste in the food chain. For instance: without the meat stage in the food chain, many more people can be fed. It is obvious that if people were to eat the same grain and soya that would get fed to the pigs or cattle in a meat-using kitchen, many more people could be fed than if they live on ham and beefsteaks.

There are always several ways to optimize timing, but they all have the common denominator that the compound must move faster than the physical universe, or at least with equal speed. Any speed above that can be timed in order to match the comfort level of the group consciousness compound; but it would be a deadly mistake to adjust timing to the comfort level alone, without taking into account the speed of the physical universe.


Wave Frequencies

The synchronization of the wave frequencies of spiritual emanations is nearly as important as the timing of the group consciousness compound. There are several frequency levels where people can work efficiently, but they are not necessarily compatible. The sharp and ruthless tone on a construction site is efficient where perfect building quality is in the focus of attention, but will not work very well on a theatre rehearsal stage where creativity and sensitivity are the quality factor.

A successful construction site manager, placed into the director's chair in theatre, might introduce so much rigidity and dissonance in the delicate spiritual frequency balance of his actors, that the whole production "soul" collapses on the spot and everybody runs away in tears.

A similar conflict would arise if a perfect rocket launch director would have to manage a fiction author: In the rocket launch, everything has to be timed to the pre-established time window of the satellite start; but the fiction author depends on having the right idea in the right moment - maybe writing late at night or early in the morning and sleeping during business hours - just to make sure that he keeps pace with his inspirations and physical curves. The rocket launch manager would ruin his productivity quickly if he kept calling him at "normal" hours or would require him to work on a schedule.

The latter example is a matter of timing as well as frequencies. For any synchronization to be successful, the vital parameters for the operation in question need to be established, and the pace-maker of the group consciousness compound has first to synchronize himself with these vital parameters, and then he has to synchronize the compound with himself.

In case of the rocket launch, the vital parameters would be the pre-calculated time window, and any individual's personal condition would have to be disregarded. People whose frequencies are not stable but change in quite unpredictable cycles would have to get linked out of the operation.

In case of the fiction author exactly these changing conditions are the important factors, whereas precise timing is of minor importance. Anybody who wants to work with them would have to assume the author's mental and spiritual potency as the main elements which dictate the course of activity, and any kind of timing would have to be adjusted to them. That's a very different priority setting, and only individuals who can easily and willingly tune themselves to such changes in other people's condition should be allowed into the team around an author (or any other artist). 

The average frequency pattern in a group consciousness compound is also an important factor. If the compound  mainly "swings"at a level of conservatism, the playful and joyous emanations of higher toned spirits might disturb them. If the compounds main frequency level is swinging in very high levels - "bliss" and "unconditional love" comes to mind -, it might experience an unpleasant dissonance with the cautious and a little dumb emanations of individuals on a conservative level, etc.

Of course destructive frequencies like hate will have to get eliminated from the compound, or they would render the transparent channel useless for the frequency of compassion and other constructive frequencies which are necessary for a flawless co-creation. An exception would be private feelings or temporary plunges into "holes" of grief, despair, rage or other non-optimum frequencies. These would have to get taken up as soon as possible in processing. A functioning processing unit would be an indispensable necessity for any group consciousness compound.

Persisting frequency dissonances might lead to a split of the compound, if they cannot be synchronized by processing, and if individuals do not get processed into such a high tolerance that they are willing and able to tolerate most frequencies (if they are not openly destructive). As a genuine group consciousness compound would render itself inoperational by suppressing some of its individuals or forcing them to act in a way which is not their natural way of acting (this includes emanation of spiritual energy or "flows"), a split would be the only constructive choice.


Shared Knowledge (Osmosis)

A very interesting model of sharing can be observed between the cells of a body: it is called "osmosis".

On a microscopic level, we will find that every individual cell tries to have an equal concentration of substances. They manage this by "pulling in" molecules through their fine and permeable cellular "skin", if the concentration of theses molecule is higher outside the cell than inside the cell. At the other hand, if the concentration is higher inside the cell than outside, they will "push them out" in order to equalize the concentration.

In a well working group consciousness compound, a similar situation can be observed regarding knowledge. From the typical "single-cell" hierarchy we are used to a rather static model of exchanging knowledge. The teachers or capacities teach, and the pupils or students learn. We would not expect this pattern to turn around in a flexible way.

But actually it is a matter of fact that any capacity is only a capacity on a very narrow sector of knowledge. A brain surgeon usually does not know very much about the construction of buildings, a master architect will probably be rather helpless when somebody asks him a question about astronomy, and a supernova specialist should not really be asked to remove an inflammated appendix.

Now it is physically impossible to be a capacity in every scientific subject, but there are certain areas of knowledge which everybody needs in order to lead a successful life. Without a basic study in medicine, diet, sexuality, biology, geography, economy etc. it would not be possible to correctly decide the daily questions of life in a way that oneself and one's family can really flourish.

And these things are not learned once and forever. There are new discoveries and insights all the time, so that it would be necessary to continue one's study throughout the whole life.

Without trying to become a capacity in every possible and impossible scientific subject, members of a group consciousness compound will demonstrate a natural impulse to share (mutually exchange) their knowledge in vital livingness matters until all of them can act upon this enhanced and continually growing knowledge basis.

This impulse should never be discouraged or eradicted just because it happens beside the main tasks which are assigned to individual persons. It might be that the farming capacity also happens to have above-average knowhow in sexual techniques, that the computer capacity is a diet specialist in his private life, or that the bookkeeper can teach his comrades everything about how to establish an exercise program to arrive at an ideal fitness level.

The sharing of such knowhow is not a destruction of an individual's focus on the post he fills in the context of the group consciousness compound. It is a gentle and ongoing upgrade of his competence in general livingness questions and should be encouraged as such.

This kind of sharing is never one-way (from an acknowledged teacher to acknowledged students). It happens on multiple flows in many directions. Every individual might have several areas of knowledge which they are sharing with others who "pull in" the information (have a lower data concentration in the area). They might in turn share their own knowledge in other areas, where they have a higher data concentration.

Also it could be that for instance a diet capacity flows diet data into both directions: they flow information out to people who have a lower data concentration on diet than them, but they also flow information in from other people who have a higher data concentration on diet than them.

This would be the ideal scene. Labelling somebody a "capacity" in one area and then never flowing information to them in other areas - where he is no capacity at all -, would be a major let-down from the viewpoint of a group consciousness compound, as a "cell" will stay under-supplied with certain "molecules" only because they are over-supplied with totally different "molecules", which cannot satiate the "hunger" for the molecules they are lacking.

This is always measured against the average information level of the whole compound, which tends to equalize if the "cell skin" between individuals is really permeable and they can perceive (feel) the "hunger" (need or pull) of neighbour "cells" in a certain area of knowledge.



Compassion cannot really be synchronized by a factor outside to the individual, like the compound's pace-maker. In order to be genuine compassion, it needs to be originated. There is no way around this fact. A thing which needs to be originated can never be requested.

This is also the main difference between the group consciousness compound and any "single-cell" hierarchy, no matter how well organized. The group consciousness compound is a composite of independent contributors who act (and synchronize) out of their own determination. Even withouth very many telepathic abilities present, a group consciousness compound could form based upon compassion alone. The transparent channel would then work with physical communication particles - like spoken words, letters, e-mails, phone-calls, faxes and other traditional vehicles.

Instead of trying to request or synchronize the compassion within his compound, the pace-maker should allow the individual "cells" to equalize it in a similar way as the sharing of knowledge in the "osmosis" process. The individual "cell" will tend to provide approximately as much compassion for others as they receive from others. If the compassion level in the compound is low, the transparent channel will not work very well, so the average compassion level needs a boost. In such a case - if there are no parasitic "single-cell" individuals messing up the compound's operation - there is most probably a lot of processing work to do in one-to-one processing sessions.

Most of the "multi-cell" individuals in the compound have lived in more or less chaotic or even abusive "single-cell" hierarchies before, where their natural level of compassion has been belittled, mocked and ridiculed out of existence. Technically we can compare this with the string of a piano or guitar which has been tuned down so much that it got slack and is no longer able to swing and produce a sound. It is still there, but without an act of tuning it up again it will never again work for the musician.

It could also be that the compassion potential of an individual simply has been exhausted. Maybe it got exploited - used up - by children, relatives or team members over years, decades and maybe even many lifetimes without ever getting returned.  Most often this happened to women, who helped others through countless difficulties, but then were left alone when they needed help themselves.

Skillful processing will help to resolve this, but more important is the demonstration in real life that the person's compassion is actually returned in any kind of situation where they need or want it, or even depend on it (injury, sickness etc.) The compound's pacemaker can recruit specific individuals who are especially insightful, and ask them to deliberately raise the level of their compassion demonstrations. Others will then tend to equalize their own compassion level with the latest "standard", and the whole compound will end up with a more intense level of compassion and a much better working transparent channel.

For very spiritually aware individuals it is a good creative process to use the example of the string on a music instrument. They are asked to connect their (damaged) compassion abilities to the image of this string and then tune it up, up, up - as much as they can without feeling uncomfortable or overcharged. Then they are asked to apply this in life for a day or two and watch what happens to the string when and why. Part of this exercise is a deliberate slacking of the string, just to make sure that they can really handle their compassion level in a totally causative way.

This process can used with other concepts too - including the general mood level of a person. The image of a lever or radio control which is shifted up and down in order to change frequencies is another good example for people's creative processing.

-  Group Consciousness Processing Principles  -

Single-Cell Principles  --  The Past Life Multi-Cell  --  The Assimilated Single-Cell  --  Multi-Cell Principles   --  Failed Connection


It is not necessary here to go into the details of specific processes for the "single-cell" type of spiritual being. This area is already well covered by several processing pathmakers and still developing. In some areas of case, the same procedures can also be used for the multi-cell spirit who understands itself as a part of a "bigger me". The difference is mainly in the valences or identities that are run (see below).


Single Cell Principles

At this date (1999), most of the material which will show up in the processing sessions of "single-cell" individuals will cover collisions and incidents with other "single-cell" individuals or their groups and cultures, as the "multi-cell" type of spiritual being is still rather rare.

But they also might need processing on the occasional approach of a "hungry" multi-cell individual, who invited or requested them to connect and cooperate in a way which appeard to be a threat of their sovereignty, maybe even a danger to get "devoured".

This is most probably an incident of overwhelm or near-overwhelm. The "multi-cell" individual somehow emanates the potential of being thousandfold bigger than the "single-cell" individual. They walk around with a kind of (spiritual) super-body: the projected image of the group consciousness compound whom they represent.

Everything is multiplied in such a compound. The telepathic projections are stronger, the intentions are stronger, and especially the cohesion or "gravity" between individuals resembles a magnetism that is not easy to escape because of its pure and unconditional quality. We have seen a shimmer of this quality in missionaires who were tortured and killed for their religion, and in soldiers who risked their lives for their fatherland. But this is still only a shadow of the commitment which is active in a person wo acts on behalf of a "bigger me".

If the "single-cell" individual whom such a compound-representing "multi-cell" is approaching happens to be very spiritually aware and perceptive, the "multi-cell" individual overwhelms them with the sheer image of the whole compound - maybe an incredibly impressive "body" consisting of thousands, if not billions of "cells" -, and the combined impact of the compound's emanations of spiritual energy, their focussed and bundled intentions, or the magnetism of their mutual "gravity".

This can be a devastating experience for both, the "single cell" and the "multi-cell" individual.  It starts either with the collapse of the "single-cell" or with its desparate protest - a mad and exaggerated self-defense activity which appears to be not only completely out of proportion but also seems to have no actual reason, as the approach of the "multi-cell" is usually constructive and does not pose an actual survival threat to the "single-cell".

Quite the opposite: The "multi-cell" seems to offer a lot of benefits to the "single-cell", so that the "single-cell's" protest appears to be irrational. The "single-cell" might fall into a trap of self-doubt about this, while the "multi-cell" might begin to look for mistakes in their approach or flaws in their intentions which have obviously caused such a substantial failure, which finally leads to a trap of self-doubt too.

Both "cells" actually have only one real difficulty, as far as their encounter is concerned: the do not know about each other and the essential differences in their nature. Therefore the "single-cell" experiences the connection attempt of the "multi-cell" as an attack on their freedom which is backed up by a mysterious and terrifying power, while the "multi-cell" experiences the protest of the "single-cell" as a vicious and irrational act of sabotage which violates all of their sacred principles. This is especially painful as they meant it so well and came with such a lot of willingness to contribute and to share.

For the "single-cell" individual it is first necessary to completely remove the "multi-cell" individual from their environment - either forever, or at least until they have fully processed their encounter with the "multi-cell" and got a fundamental education in the differences between "single-cell" and "multi-cell" spiritual life-forms.

After creating a safe environment for them, they would go through a processing program which is mainly taking up the moments where affinity (love), viewpoints or opinions (reality), communication, spiritual energy (flows), mental images (telepathic projections), any objects or possessions, any activities and (most important!) any attempts of synchronization (cooperation, co-creation or timing) were enforced upon them by the "multi-cell" individual, which they did not want to receive or to cooperate with.

After running each of these items, the flow would be turned around and they would be asked whether they ever did the same thing to anybody else. In this special situation, the "innocent" act of communicating, giving or doing something would be treated as a harmful act and run with the harmful act procedure of the processor's choice.

(The "multi-cell" individual can NOT be run on the other flow of the same items mirror-wise. They have no reality on the power of their impact, which is derived from the bigger compound they are linked into. They experienced it only a light approach - "just an offer".)


The Past Life Multi-Cell

The step of running the synchronization attempt as a harmful act might bring a whole (previously occluded) area of case to view, where the "single-cell" - maybe many lifetimes ago - acted or tried to act as a "multi-cell" individual (most probably as a pace-maker), but failed to apply the synchronization principles correctly, i.e. tried to enforce synchronization on resisting "cells" in his compound instead of carefully synchronizing those "cells" who were willing to synchronize, and allowing the others to split off and form their own compound.

If such a past comes to view, the area needs to be processed from a "multi-cell" viewpoint. Before this can happen, a thorough study of the involved group consciousness principles is a must. Once this has been done, the processor has to go to work with the understanding that most probably the old synchronization mistakes have been made because his client had not been fully educated about synchronization principles - so what occurred has been the result of subject illiteracy, which we know as chaos-producing in every other area of life too.

In very rare instances we might find that the individual was very well aware of the synchronization principles and the fact that they were misapplying them. In this case it would be necessary to fully run either the evil intention or the wilful decision to violate a spiritual truth for the sake of making themselves interesting or introducing a surprise (randomity) factor into the games of life. As this happened without the agreement of the other players, it would have to be run as a harmful act, followed by running the motivators (consequences) plus any other case areas which later built up upon these events as their basics.


The Assimilated Single-Cell

A special case is the "single-cell" who has actually been taken over ("assimilated") by a "multi-cell" compound or a "multi-cell" individual who was attempting to form a compound. Such an individual has been "convinced" by the beautiful unity which the "multi-cell" individual was promoting, but could not see or did not understand that they were invited to be an active and self-determined "mover" of the compound and not supposed to surrender to the compound's intentions or become "devoured" as an individual.

Instead of acting as a strong and contributing "cell" of the compound who in return would present their needs on the transparent channel for the compound members to fulfil them, they only processed the needs of others, but did not see how to feed their own needs into the transparent channel. So they allowed themselves to become exploited to a point of total exhaustion. Of course a well-trained and perceptive pace-maker would not allow this to happen, but as long as subject illiteracy on group consciousness is still a factor and uneducated or badly trained pace-makers exist, it might continue to occur.

Such overwhelmed, exploited and exhausted "single-cell" individuals, who never were up to a genuine participation in the compound's shared visions, perceptions and intentions (comparable to a silent orchestra musician who is playing no instrument), need to be taken out of the group consciousness compound. Their individual freedom, space, possessions and independent life-planning must be restored. They need to be thanked for their contributions and payed or otherwise exchanged for them - better late than never.

Any further interaction between the compound and their ex-member has to happen on an asynchroneous level, with a continuous acknowledgement of the ex-member's independent status and personal freedom. They need careful processing of the overwhelm which did not happen against their will, but still may have wiped out their ability to express their personality or act in a causative way as an independent constructive "single-cell" individual, if they had not lost it long before (which might have been their reason to seek the support of the compound in the first place).

The best process for them is probably life itself. They should be encouraged to find original models which are different from the models which have been implemented by their former group. Every successful sign of individuality should get acknowledged and rewarded. If they can build themselves up as a strong and independent "single-cell" individual, they might become capable of entering into a group consciousness compound again in a later stage of their personal evolution.


Multi Cell Principles

For the "multi-cell" type of spiritual being the processing looks different.  They have an additional basic valence, a kind of working mode which is totally different from everything we know about a "single-cell" type of spiritual being. According to its connection with the compound's transparent channel, we could call it the transparent mode, as opposed to the private mode, which covers the individual part of the "multi-cell" type of spiritual being (in the "single-cell" type of spiritual being there is no transparent mode, and the private mode would cover every possible activity in its life).

The person's activities in transparent mode are a role which is totally different from their various private (separated or individuated) roles (identities). The activities in transparent mode cover the things that are done on behalf of the group consciousness, and they are very highly - or even totally - synchronized with the other members of the group consciousness in their own "transparent mode" functions.

The "transparent identity" would perceive the pleasure and pain of the whole compound, which - in our model of a "multi-cell" spiritual life-form - would have a simultaneous perception and therefore also simultaneous charge on events that are painful or act as an "incident" for the compound (not necessarily for the single "cell-individual").

For the "multi-cell" variety of spiritual being every piece of charge would have to be assigned to the correct identity before it is run. We are used to check: "Is it your charge? The charge of an entity? The charge of  packed entities?" Advanced processors might even ask additionally: "The charge of [terminal]?", followed by asking the processing question "As [terminal], what have you done?" (or any other processing question) - if there was a certain amount of cross-identifying with another person.

But this way of formulating, which already assumes a certain group consciousness connection - even if it happens only between two people -, picks out only one individual "cell" from a compound. This compound actually has an own identity which transcends that of all individual "cells". It is this identity which needs to get addressed in a "multi-cell" individual's session, as they have taken responsibility for the whole unity and might have made mistakes or committed harmful acts in their function as part of the whole unity. If we were to process only their private transgressions or charge, we would miss an essential part of their beingness.

Before we could successfully process the individual in their transparent (group consciousness) identity, we would have to get it defined and named. Then we simply ask (example): "As humankind, what have you done [to the whales] [to nature]?" etc., or "As the church of [...], did you ever attempt to enforce synchronization upon individuals?", or "As the local center of [...], do you have an upset with the central management?"

Tracing this type of charge with our questions, we could use all the familiar processes which we know from our training as processors for "single-cell" individuals, plus the special processes which cover friction and tension (failed synchronization) between the member "cell" of a group consciousness compound, or the various possible pace-making failures which create charge between the pace-maker on one side and the "cell" on the other side.


Failed Connection

The charge of a failed encounter - most probably a connection attempt - between a "multi-cell" individual and a "single-cell" individual needs a different handling than the charge of events which happen inside the group consciousness compound. We are talking about events where a "multi-cell" individual tried to connect to, or to synchronize with a "single-cell" individual, who is not capable of such interaction.

While the "single-cell" perceives this as an overwhelming enforcement of some kind (see above), it is perceived by the "multi-cell" individual in nearly exactly the opposite way - as the denial or refusal of either affinity (love), viewpoints or opinions (reality), communication, spiritual energy (flows), mental images (telepathic projections), any objects, possessions or activities.

And a most impressive charge will be found on any attempts of synchronization (cooperation, co-creation or timing of activities) which have been denied or refused, prevented, disturbed or destroyed by the "single-cell" individual for no reason which could be in any way understood by the "multi-cell" individual. All they perceive is an outrageous and destructive act of completely irrational sabotage.

It is obvious why the "multi-cell" individual cannot simply run such an event as the opposite flow of the same item which is run in the processing of the "single-cell" individual. Without being educated about each other's different nature, the failed encounter or connection attempt constitutes a different action for each of them. In defining the wording for the process we would arrive at opposite or at least very different concepts.

The one thing which needs to be understood by both is that "single-cell" codes and "multi-cell" codes are not compatible. The act of synchronization which is constructive for the "multi-cell" is destructive for the "single-cell", and vice versa. It gets even more complicated, as every "multi-cell" individual acts by "single-cell" principles in their private mode, and it would be a gross mistake to suppress this, as it would put  them out of balance and therefore feed uproar into the transparent channel.


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