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 Session Testimonial: First Present Life GPM's Release!

by Heidrun Beer (after completion of a major level of auditing)


I have the great honor to report that as of today, I am the world's first "Present Life GPM's Release". (Now I can imagine how John McMasters has felt as the world's first Clear!)

Hmmm... still savouring that...

The author of the rundown I received, Rolf Dane (Clearbird), has called GPM's "frozen games conditions". And the fact that LRH did not put the auditing of a person's own GPM's onto his bridge explains to me why so many OT's can still appear so "banky": their old games conditions are still in dramatization, or in other words: there is more case to run - it's as simple as that (and as hopeful).

Now, we have all read about the hazards of early GPM running - but we have also read about the drama of LRH first contacting the OT3 case - and I can testify that with Rolf structuring the topic around the basic principles of auditing (which hadn't been in place when LRH first researched GPM'S), GPM running has turned into a very safe and reliable procedure.

It was not always smooth to run, as there was red hot charge in some of the items and most aggressive energies to confront, so the whole rundown will probably not be given to the very newest of PCs, but done on the correct gradient nobody should have to leave the session in a wheelbarrow anymore :-))

Being rid of the innermost layer of GPM's, the ones that are in active restimulation from this lifetime's interactions with other people, is an enormous relief.

You need to understand that this stuff is really heavy, really MASSY. Having dissipated all that, I am now acting in a wonderfully transparent and F/Ning space - even my body feels transparent.

A lot of sticky gluey "stuff" has disappeared between me and other people, me and my MEST, and me and my work. I am very well in touch with most everything and everybody, while at the same time being very exterior - now please don't ask me to explain how both is possible at the same time :-)

My special gratitude and admiration goes to Rolf (who is of course standing on the shoulders of giants, as the word goes), for finishing LRH's work on a complete bridge.

Not only is he creating a totally safe space for a PC in general, it is also a special joy to experience Clearbird in techfinder mode, perfecting procedures that have been already good to start with. I never thought I would be part of such a pioneer project - it's really a unique time in my life!


Heidrun Beer, Austria


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