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R3X is an advanced version of Dianetics, compiled from LRH materials, developed and tested by Robert Ducharme.

 Session Testimonial: To Be Or Not To Be


I had a nice cognition this morning during my R3X session with Heidrun. The line from Hamlet "to be or not to be" has always had a particular fascination for me and it seemed to sum up the human condition, I realised that the answer is actually "to be AND not to be".

I find that working on the basics of R3X chains always lead to grappeling with very basic concepts such as this and the simple decisions taken in the pre-MEST area have a huge influence on present time reality. The split from the boundless formless potentiality of the tao to achieve the permanence of existence is the big decision from which all else hangs, but now it seems to me that you can have both the tao and the adventure of existence at once.

It was a very good session Heidrun, thanks :-))

I would encourage more people to do an R3X co-audit, like R., Heidrun and I are engaged in. It's very good to both give and receive auditing, and of course, it's how the whole thing started in the 50s. Nowadays, because we have Skype and remote metering and R3X, it's easier and better than ever. I think LRH was probably right when he said that half of the gains on the bridge come from the training side. Of course it's not as structured and controlled as doing it in an organisation, but the benefits are that you learn fast by being "thrown in at the deep end", so to speak and you can develop your intuition and knowingness, rather than having to depend solely on received knowledge.

C.C., United Kingdom


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