Artist:  Often a genius in his specialized art form, but can be totally absent from the rest of the world, including his own body and mental/spiritual well-being and fitness. He only touches other life areas where the contact is needed for his art.

As the artist can make a lot of money by being exactly the way he is, and also experiences a lot of personal fulfilment from it, the chances are slim that he will accept the invitation to expand his awareness horizon. Such an expansion is always also a decrease of concentration or focus, and his focus on the one thing he wants to do is what makes him successful.

If he is very much into alcohol or other destructive drugs though, somebody should explain to him that he needs to delegate some vital responsibilities to a friend or family member, if he is too focussed on his art to take care of them himself. If nothing else works, mentioning what a loss his untimely death would be to the world might help