Manager:  Can be so concentrated on running his business that he not only neglects his family but also his own mental condition, and what is sometimes worse, his physical health. Is busy to create a future for the company and sometimes forgets his own present time.

In managing his home and property he normally has no trouble, because he is used to delegate such things and find employees to take care of them, but the emotional bonds to his partner and children can suffer.

If his business has an impact on the environment, the manager's concentration on economic success is sometimes so strong that he will harm the environment, and with that also the living conditions in his country and even on the whole planet.

If there is any chance for a mental trainer to bring these things up, it would be of enormous value in the greater context of things - last but not least for the manager's position itself, because he is in danger of losing his job when his seniors find out that he is becoming destructive from a viewpoint a little higher up the ladder, just because he is doing his job "too well".