Housewife/Mother:  Intense focus on the home and the family. Tends to neglect her own needs, physically as well as spiritually.

If you are a housewife/mother yourself, make sure that you have outside connections which keep you from introverting! And think of some mental training to free up the life energy which might be captured in past painful experiences - you need all the energy you can find just to handle the big task at your hands!

If you are the husband or friend of a housewife/mother, you can help her by calling her attention to balancing her own needs with those of the family, and by bringing her books or taking her out to events which keep her in touch with social life, art, politics and nature. Of course some help in dish washing wouldn't be bad either!

Caution: New mental/spiritual activities should be introduced only if there is no acute pressure - if she is busy with a new baby, such things would be an additional burden rather than helpful!