Drug addict:  Is totally fixated on his body. First the drug-induced highs lead him into physical addiction, and later the withdrawal symptoms force him to take increasing amounts of the drug just to avoid the pains of withdrawal. The numbness created by the drugs prevent a clear perception even of this small part of life, the own body.

There is a very narrow streak of attention going out into his family and the immediately surrounding society - just enough to show him ways to grab more money for drugs. The environment is met with negative expectations - symbolized by the red color. Personal pride or goals have long succumbed to the dominating theme of his life - how to get at drugs and how to get the money for them without going to prison. Any other life areas are as remote and unreal to the drug addict as the moon.

As long as the person has not made the decision to come clean and quit the drugs, the mental trainer has little to do. He can be a friend and give some time to the addict to talk about the need to quit drugs. Only if the pressure to quit is strong enough that the person has actually made the decision, is there a chance to do mental work. But even then most of the attention will have to come from the medical profession.

After the withdrawal, the mental trainer should go to the roots - the events which were the actual reason to seek relief in the use of drugs.