Abused/Traumatized Person:  Has most of his attention in the past on the time and place of the abusive or traumatic experiences, but doesn't have a clear perception of them because of overwhelming pain and negative emotions. The lessons learned from these experiences are that the environment is most probably hostile - therefore he meets everybody around him with negative expections (extended awareness horizon marked red to symbolize the negative energy he projects at his environment).

There is very, very little free attention in present time, and neither the body nor the mental space can be clearly viewed because they are so full of painful memories, partially conscious, partially sub-conscious. If such a person wants to work with a mental trainer instead of a psychiatrist - for instance, because some of his bad experiences have been made in psychiatry -, the mental trainer must be experienced in Traumatic Incident Reduction.

Often a more gentle approach is better than to directly go for the trauma, which requires an amount of energy the person might not have available in present time. Having him work on bettering his life conditions and having him experience gradual improvement could give him so much confidence that tackling the trauma has better chances a few weeks or months later.