Spiritual Seeker:  Has understood several things which other people would urgently need to learn: our spiritual nature; the influence of the past - especially past pain and past guilt - on the present, be it in the early childhood or in earlier incarnations; our responsibilities for other nations, other species and the environment; our interaction with the spiritual universe; sometimes even the relations with the supreme being, our ultimate parent.

As long as his strong interest for the roots of his present time ailments in past events and previous lifetimes does not become a never-ending fixation and a substitute for confronting the often quite brutal challenges of life, it can free up a lot of mental energy which has been frozen in traumatic experiences and harmful acts.

But this personality type tends to "live in his mind" and avoid the actualities of the physical universe and practical existence. The mental trainer must know his responsibility of putting a focus on the real life implementation of insights gained in the protected environment of the session, if he wants such a client to make substantial progress.

It is sometimes a steep learning curve to go through the full cycle of weeks of physical efforts which is derived from a session realization of only a few moments, but without this the whole mental/spiritual work remains just a "mindfuck". If it is difficult to get this principle implemented, it should be done gradually with "homework" exercises before actual life situations become a target.