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Heidrun Beer 2004


The following series of 8 articles has first been published in the magazine International Viewpoints. Over time, it is planned to expand it into an illustrated book that will be available online, as an e-book, and in a printed version. You can follow the progress of this project by coming back to this page and see what has been added or changed.


Until the book is finished, you can read the articles in their original form (some definitions have been added where necessary):


  1. The Zoom Tools

  2. Exception Handling

  3. Endless Loops

  4. Settings

  5. System Resources

  6. Control Panel

  7. Object Oriented Programming Principles in the Mind (Original title: Program Hierarchy)

  8. Networking: pending until September 2004 (2 months after the printed copy has been distributed)


 The Book Project



So far, the book project is still empty!



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