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Author: Bruce Moen

Title: Voyages Into The Unknown

Exploring the Afterlife Series 1

Book Review 29.05.2010

(c) 2010 by Heidrun Beer


BRUCE MOEN (from the "Paranormal and Metaphysical Wiki" at )

Bruce Moen, from Colorado, USA, is an author and international lecturer as well as an engineering consultant in his own firm. He claims to be able to explore the afterlife and perform 'soul retrievals' as defined by Robert Monroe. These are attempts to contact those lost or 'stuck' after death and facilitate their release to more desirable areas of consciousness compatible with their belief systems, for example Heaven or Nirvana.


Questions like "What is death?" or "Where will I go after I have lost my physical body?" are among the most burning questions a human being can ask. Various answers given by religions, books and movies keep clashing with each other.

In the last few decades, people who have returned from clinical death (NDEers, Near Death Experiencers) have started to tell wondrous stories about the world on the other side of the proverbial "veil", the energetic membrane that separates life on Earth from what some call the spirit world - which is actually a world much like ours, just different - a world consisting of energy, emotion and thought forms rather than physical matter.

Robert Monroe, the famous "out of body" (OBE) pioneer, was the first author who brought the esoteric ideas of travelling outside the body and exploring the spirit world to the mainstream. His approach, using "binaureal beats" (a way to synchronize the two brain halves with sound waves played through earphones) was rather technical, and out of his training comes a whole generation of avid out of body explorers whose books have become bestsellers.

Monroe trainee Bruce Moen is a bit different. He does not put very much importance on out of body experiences. He also does not use the binaureal beats. Instead, he has learned to shift his vibration like a radio tuner to the various levels where the people who no longer have a physical body (or who never had one) exist. And he says that "any ordinary human being with curiosity can learn to explore human existence beyond death".


Bruce Moen started to write after he picked up enormous emotional energies when he went to the site of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. He wanted to help some of the people who were killed there, and felt a need to write about these experiences afterwards. Then his old friend and trainer Robert Monroe, himself already dead for a month, started to talk to him from the "other side", and promised him help in publishing his writings as a book if he could manage to get enough down on paper. That is how this first book of Bruce Moen's "Exploring the Afterlife" series came into existence.

We watch as he develops the energetic perceptions that are needed to do this kind of work, and as he learns to trust these perceptions. We watch his dialogues with "Coach", a non-physical friend who keeps giving him instructions. We watch as he gets more and more confirmation that he is not just halluzinating, not just inventing crazy stories.

Bruce Moen works with what as a computer person I would call a "split screen" or "double screen" setup: He can sit in a restaurant and be aware of the people and the music, and at the same time he can be aware of three infants who have died in the Oklahoma bombing blast. (I have experienced this split-screen setup in many of my sessions.)

The scenes he describes may sound familiar to Robert Monroe readers. They are vivid like movie clips. Time and again we see the "park", or more technically the "reception center" in the "Focus 27" area (Monroe has tagged the various vibrational layers of the afterlife with a series of "Focus" numbers, and his trainee Moen uses that system.)

Many times he gets instructions from helpers and more experienced "retrieval" workers. Mindboggling things happen, like when two such helpers place themselves to Bruce Moen's sides and illuminate the darkness like two huge search lights, so that he has a better chance to find the wandering souls.

In this part of the universe, a lot is done with intention, visualization and energy flows. For instance, the soul of a lady who believes that she is trapped by debris falling down on her legs, can be freed by "seeing it not there". Bruce Moen describes how he does this and how he learned it.

He also learns how to process the impact all these dramatic events have on him, as he is in instant emotional rapport with many of the people he rescues and is often shaken by their experiences.

His perceptions are a blessing to him, as they allow him to do the soul retrieval work he values so much, but in a way they are also a curse with their often searing intensity. Fortunately he has learned a technique how to get rid of the energetic ballast that is not his own, and that technique he also shares in the book.

I will not give away the many fascinating encounters with non-physical people he describes, the explanations of his training at the Monroe Institute, and the many colorful tales of his own and other people's history (Moen is a great writing talent, his text is very lively and absorbing), but here are some random text snippets, just to make your mouth water:


"That event [of going out of body while driving a car] scared the living feces out of me as I thought about it later. I realized I could no longer tell for certain at any given moment whether I was lucid dreaming, with my body safely asleep in my bed, or driving in traffic or anywhere else for that matter. I decided to stop attempting to lucid dream and stop experi- menting with the vibration state that led to out-of-body-experience. It seemed too dangerous to continue."

"It's so strange to experience contacting yourself, from your Total Self, which you are, and at the same time be the self which doesn't know any of this stuff is possible. It's like mailing yourself a letter from another reality and upon receiving it having zero awareness of who mailed it or which other reality the letter came from."

"In that first life, so many things were left undone, unexplored and unknown. But most of all there were the emotional things, unresolved, between itself and other Separated beings. Curiosity, still asleep, had to go back again and again to find those beings it had been with before. There were wrongs to right, debts to pay, and collections to make. You can guess what happened. Each time Curiosity went back again, born into a new body and new circumstances, it became further entangled in a bigger emotional web. New patterns to join, old ones to combine, the possibilities were endless. It's a good thing time has no meaning because Curiosity spent eons in this almost endless loop."



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