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Author: Mark Smith

Title: Auras - See them in Only 60 Seconds!

Book Review 17.04.2010

(c) 2010 by Heidrun Beer



Mark Smith: Auras - See them in Only 60 Seconds!

With a Foreword by Raymond Moody

This concise book (with an enthusiastic foreword by NDE pioneer Raymond Moody, who for the first time in his life learned to see auras with this book) teaches how to see a person's bio-energetic field (also known as the subtle bodies, or in their entirety, the aura) with a very simple method and in practically no time.

Haven't we all waited for such an instant trick? It's really too easy: sit down a person about 18 inches in front of a plain white wall, have indirect natural lighting in the room (turn off lightbulbs and fluorescent lights), sit at a distance of about 10 feet, and do NOT look at them.

Look beyond their head and shoulder area. Focus on the wall, not on the person. Within a few seconds you will see a glow around their head - this is the innermost layer of their aura, the so-called etheric layer!

Of course there are more layers which become visible only after some days or weeks of training, which is also when people begin to see the tell-tale colors in the aura that give away so much information about a person's health, mood, and mental or spiritual configuration.

Not everybody gets to that stage, at least not without extensive training, but the author says that without exception, each person whom he showed this method has succeeded to see at least the innermost layer, which is the brightest of all.

The book is written in a fresh and pleasant style, quite entertaining at times. Beyond the actual aura seeing technology (which wouldn't really fill a book - I also have it in a very thin booklet coming with aura goggles) it gives anecdotes from the author's life, descriptions of many famous people's auras (and how he got to observe them), and interesting chapters about the typical auras of various professions, the auras of charismatic people, stage performers, politicians, people in love and people near death.

Philosophical insights and clever remarks about our global situation make the book a complete reading. Yet it is much more simple to read than Barbara Ann Brennan's books, which are based on much more detailed and in-depth extra-sensory perceptions of people's auras and the body's energy fields.

So it's a good book to start with, and to have fun with the simple aura-seeing exercises! Then later Barbara Brennan's works open a whole world of understanding that is based on these perceptions.

(Do I say this or not? My 17 year old son, whom I asked to be my guinea pig, saw colors in my aura right away - even without the ideal white background - while I didn't! I am so envious...)



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