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Author: Richard Bartlett

Title: Matrix Energetics

Book Review 06.11.2009

(c) 2009 by Heidrun Beer

This book review was originally published on a mailing list for oldtime Scientologists. It therefore contains special words from the Scientology universe, marked in italic print. Please look them up in a Scientology dictionary.


This is the book that has sent waves of excitement around the globe. See also the website with its amazing videos:

Richard Bartlett: Matrix Energetics

"Matrix Energetics applies the principles of quantum physics as a unique and effective approach to healing. This is the essence of energy medicine."


I am at a loss of words about this book, its author and what he is doing. Into which category should I sort it? New Age? Medicine? Science Fiction?

In short, Bartlett performs what we would call instant healings, but prefers to call them "transformations". He works with the ideas of matter not being really solid, time being only an apparency, even parallel realities - and what he imagines, usually manifests instantly.

He appears to be a miracle healer, and yet all his ideas are described with highly scientific terms from the newest chapter of physics: quantum mechanics.

Now, even though he explains it all so remarkably well, he says that he DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING. He just does it - quoting Jedi Master Yoda in the "Star Wars" series of movies: "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'." What the hell...?

People keep passing out in the Matrix Energy seminars. They go into altered states of consciousness and come back tranformed. Distorted spines snap back into alignment. Tumors disappear. The "technology" works on animals and even on mechanical items - neither one of them could be said to have been hypnotized into cooperation.

And all that Bartlett does is one thing: He disagrees with "consensus reality" (Rupert Sheldrake's famous "morpic fields", or in Scientologese, a group agreement of large proportions) - and visualizes a painful condition not there, a sick body healthy and whole, a destructive past that has damaged a personality having been benign.

Now, the theory of all this is that our solid reality only APPEARS to be solid, because we have agreed on this solidity: WE SEE THE SOLIDITY INTO IT. According to quantum mechanics, the truth of it is that it consists only of light and information, moulded by consciousness into its current state of appearing, and if another unit of consciousness (he, me, you) SEES IT DIFFERENTLY, that's how the field of light and information is invited to solidify into a different scenario.

(We are warned though to NOT start our adventures by trying to jump out of the window because we proudly imagine that we can fly. There IS still a powerful "consensus reality" around us.)

I will not go into the details of Bartlett's methods. They are few, but they still have to be learned by the book (or in the seminar). Only so much: He says that everybody can learn to do them, and it is very simple - nothing sophisticated, nothing complicated. He is cultivating an art of "do and do not" - first focus intention, then let go -, and then... things just seem to happen.

Now, why is it that a man who has never read an LRH book or gotten a single hour of auditing, can do all the things that our most advanced OT's can only dream of?

I'll leave my personal attempt to answer this question for a later post, and give you some book quotes instead. Maybe the answer will then appear in mid-air in front of you :-)


"I have a client who has been plagued for years with a painful TMJ [jaw joint] syndrome. Numerous dentists and orthodontic specialists have tried to fix the problem to no avail. One practitioner insisted that the solution was to surgically break her jaw in two places and then remold it. Talk about your custom bodywork! My client was assured that this was a traditional and well- accepted method of treating this problem. But she declined to make a break for it and never went back. One day in my office she was telling me this and I was suddenly inspired by my guides. She was telling me about a new oral surgeon she had consulted for this issue. I got a really good gut feeling about him. 'I can work with this guy. He knows some great stuff', I thought. My guides told me to create a template of this man's knowledge and to install that pattern in my client. Not questioning how this might be accomplished, I held my right hand up and envisioned a disc of light, or hologram, being created. When I saw and felt that it was complete I mentally released the pattern into her energy field. The results were immediate and stunning. She gently fell over onto my massage table in a deep trance. When she came back to full conscious awareness she wore a smile as bright as the midday sun. Moving her jaw from side to side, she exclaimed, 'All of the pain is gone!'" [This transformation was later confirmed by new X-rays.]

Bartlett's own assistant had a more difficult time at learning Matrix Energetics. He had a first spectacular success, and then:

"The next few patients with whom he tried the same maneuver experienced no noticeable therapeutic results. He asked me what was going on, and I said I hoped he had enjoyed the honeymoon, because from here on it was all work - welcome to the frustrating world of TBM [Total Body Modification] or anything else. Sometimes life is a slippery slope and we do indeed slide. Mark then did something unconsciously that I considered a brilliant way to test the reality of his therapeutic efforts; he worked so hard and did so much on each visit with a client that invariably the result would be that they would throw up during the office visit. With this new development he no longer questioned that what he was doing was working; he now knew that it just was not working in the way that he wanted. By making everyone who came to see him throw up, he unconsciously chose a safe outcome, which he could objectively verify by using his rational mind to confirm that something observable was happening. After several months, he got control over the manifestation of this unwanted side effect of his gung-ho attitude, and since that time has continually improved his skills."

This was not the end of his assistant's struggle to learn what was not given to him by nature. One day, it culminated in a physical fight with Bartlett, after which the following happened:

"Then I growled at him, 'See your hands glowing purple and be able to do this now!" With a dazed expression, Mark looked at his own palms and wonderingly replied, 'My hands are glowing purple!' 'Exactly', I snarled, as I turned on my heel and left the room. That was the turning point and he has been able to do what I do ever since!"

Richard Bartlett holds two medical degrees. So he cannot be accused of trying to avoid doing his homework. However:

"I am not saying that diagnosis and treatment are not necessary. They define what we consider the existing paradigm for health care in this country. I am grateful that medical science has been elevated to such a level of precision and knowledge. But there are so many good doctors out there; maybe I don't have to occupy all of my time and energy laboring to do what so many already do exceptionally well."

"The ability to dream, or to enter and harvest ideas from altered states [of consciousness], is a crucial skill that many genius scientists and inventors have exhibited in a highly developed form."

"One very wise spiritual teacher whom I have had the pleasure to know said, 'Pray as if everything depends on the Angels or God. Act as if everything depends on you!'"

"One of my students told me she was a little apprehensive about telling her son, a physics major, what she would be learning in my seminar because he had always expressed disdain for 'woo-woo' subjects. After looking over the materials describing the seminar's contents, he said to his mother, 'This is the least woo-woo thing that you have done; everything that they are talking about is, at least in theory, covered in my graduate-level physics classes. This stuff has a scientific basis, Mom.'"

"I like to ask myself a few key questions in the morning as part of a ritual that sets the state for my day. 'What haven't I thought of yet? What can I discover that will serve to confuse as well as enlighten me a little more today?' If you want to change your experience of your daily reality fare, come as you are, but finish your day having learned something new. Questions are one of the ways to do this consistently and elegantly. WHEN YOU START TO HABITUALLY ASK OPEN- ENDED QUESTIONS OF THE UNIVERSE, IT STARTS TO ANSWER BACK, TEACHING YOU NEW THINGS."

"My guides taught me to put pictures of people I admire - for what they can do and who they are - on my clinic walls where I can see them every day. Usually I am 'told' who to include in my gallery of teachers and sources of inspiration. This is a very powerful form of an old technique of treasure mapping. When I want to either meet someone or have access to what they know and do, I am directed to put their picture on my wall."

"...this is not to imply that what you might term healing doesn't happen with this work; it happens all the time. I just don't want you to see me as the Doer. That title belongs to God or universal intelligence. What we do, mostly, is to get out of the way. When you do this work, if you can resist the temptation to interpret or make it about something you know, then you can allow it to be about something that you don't know. Or, at least you can be a little unsure, which allows for some wiggle room for that universal element of grace to transform the elements of your life."

And after reporting a truly miraculous transformation:

"Does that mean I can perform miraculous feats of healing on command? Absolutely not! A statement of Jesus comes to mind, who is for me the most powerful archetype for the miracle mind-set. 'I CAN OF MINE OWN SELF DO NOTHING.' Ditto. I am a perfectly imperfect vessel. God is the healer."



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